Top 9 Ways to Plan your Dream Wedding

Here are some useful tips to help you plan your dream wedding!

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Planning Tip 1:

Make a detailed plan and budget. Prioritize important tasks.


Planning Tip 2:

Depending on the amount you need, plan your finances. If you need extra financing, consider a personal loan for weddings.


Planning Tip 3:

Do not overspend. Try to get the best deals possible by negotiating with your vendors such as banquet hall, caterers, etc.


Planning Tip 4:

Check with your existing bank or credit card provider if you have any extra points or offers which you can utilize in order to get further discounts.


Planning Tip 5:

Compare deals between different service providers and choose the one which gives the best mix of quality and price. Always check online reviews before choosing a service provider.


Planning Tip 6:

Consider environmental factors before making important decisions. For instance, an open air venue may not be appreciated by the guests attending a summer wedding.


Planning Tip 7:

Always keep a portion of your budget reserved for unexpected costs such as extra guests, and so on. This will help you avoid scrambling for funds in the last minute.


Planning Tip 8:

Avoid overspending for non-essential or ad-hoc items. It would cause a strain in your finances.


Planning Tip 9:

If you need a personal loan to finance your wedding, do your research and choose a reputed lender whose required eligibility criteria match your profile.


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