How Much Personal Loan Can You Get On Your Salary?

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Do you often think about How Much Personal Loan Can You Get?


Thumb Rule Calculation for Personal Loans

The general thumb rule for a personal loan amount is up to 10x of your monthly income.


Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a personal loan at Fullerton India you must meet the basic eligibility requirements


Age Requirements

You must be a minimum of 21 years or a maximum of 60 years of age at the time of loan application


Employment Requirements

You must be:

# Employed in a private or public enterprise, with at least 1 year of work experience (or) 

# Self-employed with a business experience of at least 5 years


Income Requirements

For Salaried

For Self Employed

Minimum annual turnover as per Fullerton India’s current policy

Note: Cash salary applicants will not be accepted


Document Requirements

# PAN and Address Proof
# Income Proof
# Bank statements of the past 6 months


How to Calculate Personal Loan Eligibility?

Use Fullerton India’s personal loan eligibility calculator to estimate the maximum personal loan amount you may be able to get based on basic parameters.


To Avoid Rejection

# Ensure you meet the basic eligibility criteria before applying

# Minimum credit score of 750 is required

# Debt to income ratio should not be more than 60% of income


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