Life has its way of throwing surprises when we least expect it. Personal loans are unsecured loans offered by financial institutions to deal better with the uncertainties of life. A top-up loan is an additional loan that existing customers can avail over and above their loan/loans to help them deal with unforeseen expenses. At Fullerton India, we offer a top-up personal loan as a customized solution to customers who may find that their dreams need a little more help to come true.

Reasons why you should Applying for a Top-Up Loan

  • An Alternative to Multiple Debts
    Dealing with multiple loans availed of to cater to different needs like home renovation, medical emergencies, etc. can be extremely challenging on your finances. A top-up loan is your helping hand to ease your burden. Instead of applying for multiple loans, you can simply take a top-up loan for the amount you need, thereby maintaining a single loan which can help in reducing the interest payable and thus reducing the total amount payable.
  • Dealing with Emergency Requirements
    If you are a customer of Fullerton India and are faced with a sudden need for funds such as last-minute wedding expenses, medical emergencies, children’s school fees, working capital for your self-employed business, etc, then apply for a top-up loan today for the extra amount you need. We promise to help you with the best possible solution as per your requirement and eligibility.
  • Loan Extensions
    Sometimes, a top up loan could be a better solution than trying to renegotiate the terms of your existing loan by extending the tenure. A loan extension could increase the overall cost of the loan by a significant amount. On the other hand, a top up loan could help you with the funds you need to manage your current requirements and is much quicker to obtain.

What are the Advantages of Applying For a Top-Up Loan?

The top benefits of opting for a top-up on your personal loan are as follows:

  1. Less Documentation A top-up loan can be provided to you with little (or in some cases, none) documentation. It will be much faster and you can get the funds within a few hours of approval. 
  2. Speedy Processing Lenders assure you of speedy processing and quick disbursal of funds to your account.
  3. Competitive Rates of Interest Reducing the rate of interest is a popular reason for which people opt for top-up loans. The top-up loan interest rates are extremely competitive as compared to personal loans. Loan providers are extremely transparent and any ancillary charges are disclosed before signing the fine line.

What are the Characteristics of a Top-Up Loan?

Customers have the right to transfer their loan from one provider to the other to avail of better services lower charges etc.

The top-up amount offered varies from one provider to the other. However, in most cases, the top-up amount does not exceed the maximum loan amount which an applicant is eligible for. The loan tenure depends on your existing schedule. However, for personal loans, the tenure cannot exceed 60 months.

Top-Up Loan Eligibility & Required Documents

The basic eligibility criteria for availing a top-up loan are that you should be an existing customer of Fullerton India. The other conditions are extremely basic - such as minimum salary, CIBIL score, and so on. The documents required for a top-up loan include recent salary slips, address proof and bank statements. In some cases, you may be only asked to submit an address proof.

Applying for a personal loan might be your savior that can help you get out of a debt trap. However, it is a move that significantly impacts your financial health and should be opted for only if necessary. Invest adequate time in research and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations before making an application for a loan.

To understand more about top up loans, you can visit your nearest Fullerton India branch. You can find the nearest branch by using the branch locator tool on the website. You can also contact us on our toll free number 1800 103 6001. We are available between 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM on all days except Sundays and public holidays. Lastly, you can also email your queries to [email protected].


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