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A pre-approved personal loan is a short term instant personal loan given to clients with a history of repayment and a good credit score. It does not require anything as collateral and the personal loan interest rate varies based on the borrower's profile.

A personal loan can be availed for any legitimate reason and is very useful for meeting immediate personal expenses, such as sudden loss of a job, a medical emergency, or for a non-pre-planned event.

There are multiple reasons why you could be chosen for a pre-approved loan, such as:

  • We have reviewed your credit history and replay-ability and you have, in the past, acted punctually with your repayments.
  • We have reviewed your payments, and have noticed frequency and good balance
  • We have reviewed your past expenditures, and have noticed compared your expenditures and creditworthiness

Pre-approved Personal Loan Offers

Fullerton India offers the following features and benefits on their pre-approved personal loans:

Loan Amount: Fullerton India offers pre-approved personal loan amount up to 25 lakhs

Interest Rates: Fullerton India offers very flexible personal loan interest rates which go from 11.99% to 36%, depending on factors such as income stability, net income, location, existing monthly obligations, etc.

Adjustable Timeline: We offer a timeline of up to sixty months or 5 years.

Documentation: The documentation process of acquiring a personal loan from Fullerton India is easy and hassle-free.

Quick Disbursal: we offer offers quick loan disbursal, meaning, we won’t waste your time with even more documentation.

Online Application: we offer allows you to submit your application online, thus helping you be more efficient and save time.

Fullerton India History: Fullerton India offers exclusive offers to existing Fullerton India customers.

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Making the process easier, Fullerton India offers a special eligibility calculator that lets you input your birthdate, your salary, your EMI, rate of interest and loan amount, and lets you visualize what that loan would look like for the future. The eligibility criteria for an instant personal loan is:

  1. You must have the citizenship of India
  2. You must be employed by either a private limited or a public limited company
  3. You must be older than 21 and younger than 60
  4. Except for Mumbai and Delhi, your monthly income should at least be 20,000 rupees. In the case of Mumbai and Delhi, it should be at least 25,000 rupees.

Required Documents

Fullerton India requires the following documents to make you eligible for a pre-approved instant personal loan.

  1. Complete personal loan application including a recent photograph
  2. Identity proof, such as passport copy, voter id, aadhar card, driving license, etc.
  3. Address proof, such as ration card, rental agreement, telephone bill, etc
  4. Age proof, such as PAN card, birth certificate, etc
  5. Bank statement or passbook containing a record of the last 6 months of salary, or three months of salary slips.
  6. Form 16
  7. A cheque for processing fee
  8. Income tax returns

Please note that some of additional documents may be needed on a case to case basis. Our representative would provide you the details, as necessary.

How to Apply?

Fullerton India offers you 2 different ways to apply for a pre-approved instant personal loan, thus helping you experience the method you find easier and more convenient.

  1. You can prepare your documentation and visit the closest Fullerton India branch, where you will be asked to fill in the necessary forms. Our staff would assist you with all your needs, and help pick the right loan options.
  2. You can apply online by filling out the required form on our portal and attach softcopies of all the documentation.

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