Personal Loan for Salaried

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Personal Loan for Salaried

Whether you want to clear your debts, bring home your dream vehicle, fund your child’s wedding or higher education, a personal loan is the perfect credit instrument. It helps you meet your financial requirements for various needs at short notice.

It is quick, easy and convenient to apply for a personal loan with us. With our bouquet of offerings, we ensure that your changing needs are met with tailor-made repayment solutions. Our solutions are smart, simple and flexible, which is what makes us stand apart - making sure that you get the best possible value for your hard earned money.

Our team is well equipped to ensure that you have the smoothest journey from application to getting your funds in hand.

Features and Benefits

  • Loan amount up to `25 lakhs*
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment timelines up to 60 months*
  • Hassle-free documentation process
  • Quick loan disbursal
  • Online Application for Instant Personal Loan
  • Special benefits for existing Fullerton India customers

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Get our personal loan in 5 easy steps


Application Form

Fill up the
application form online


Upload Documents

Credit Card/Bank


Final EMI

Select final EMI plan
from a range of tenures


Verification Conducted

Upload KYC
documents for verification


Money Disbursed

Loan amount disbursed
in your account

Reasons to buy

You can take our personal loan for a variety of reasons.

Wedding Expenses

Higher Studies

Exotic Vacations


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What is the maximum loan amount I can avail?

You can avail up to 20 Lakhs if you are salaried and 30 Lakhs if you are a self- employed businessman. The actual loan amount eligibility will be calculated based on your income and other parameters that the Fullerton India Relationship Manager will explain.

What is the minimum and maximum Loan tenor I can avail?

You can repay your loan over a period of 12 months to 48 months.

How much would I need to repay each month?

At the time of booking of your loan, the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) will be calculated based on the loan amount sanctioned, interest rate and the tenor.

What is an EMI?

EMI or 'Equated Monthly Installment' is the convenient monthly amount that you have to service to pay back the loan availed. The EMI consists of both the principal and interest components.

Can I foreclose or prepay my loan?

Yes, you can repay your loan at any time during the loan tenure.

Is there any advantage that I can get if I have already availed a Fullerton India loan earlier?

Yes, if you are an existing customer of Fullerton India, you will get additional benefits on the processing time as well as the interest rate. What's more, you will be eligible for a pre-qualified Top Up on your existing Principal Outstanding.

Why shouldn't I avail my sudden need for cash through a 'cash advance' on my credit card?

Your credit card can be an option, but withdrawing cash using a credit card can turn out to be very costly if you do not repay it quickly. Interest rates on credit card cash withdrawals can go as high as 40 per cent on an annual basis depending on the type of card you use and you also do not get the interest free period to pay back. In short, interest is charged from the moment you withdraw the cash. There is also an additional transaction charge that is levied on the withdrawal at the ATM. In comparison, a Personal Loan is cheaper and the repayment can be spread over a long period.

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