Personal loans from Fullerton India is a popular financial product among our customers. Based on your financial profile and credit score, we offer the best personal loan interest rates that can cater to your loan requirement. 

Even though the usual repayment tenure runs a course upto 5 years, many of our customers consider pre-closing it to save on additional interest prior to the loan’s maturity date. 

Personal Loan Pre-closures

At Fullerton India, we provide our customers with the following options to make any personal loan balance transfer before the term of the agreement expires. 

Post the mandatory 6 months to a 1 year lock-in period after the loan has been sanctioned, our customers at Fullerton India can save on their monthly instalments by clearing the loan before the end of its full tenure.

Personal Loan Pre-closure Charges

Pre-closure charges will be applicable on opting to repay the loan in its entirety after completion of the lock-in period. This is determined on the number of EMIs paid date you choose to pre-close the account.

The pre-closure charges for personal loan are as follows:

No. of EMIs paid (Excluding Pre-EMI) Foreclosure Charges
0 to 17 EMI(s) fully paid 7% of the Principal Outstanding
18 to 23 EMI(s) fully paid 5% of the Principal Outstanding
24 to 35 EMI(s) fully paid 3% of the Principal Outstanding
36 or more EMI(s) fully paid No Foreclosure Fee

Please note that as per our current policy, we only accept prepayments on personal loans in full. Thus, if you wish to prepay or foreclose your personal loan, you must be prepared repay the entire outstanding amount along with applicable fees and charges.

We, at Fullerton India, offer our customers the option to pre-close their personal loan account before the tenure period. If you’d like to do the same, you will need to have the following documents.

Documents Required To Pre-close Your Personal Loan

  • All your loan related documents
  • A valid identity and address proof such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.
  • Your latest loan statement 
  • Cheque or demand draft for the outstanding loan amount  

How To Pre-close The Personal Loan Account

If you have decided to pre-close your personal loan account with Fullerton India, then you need to follow the given process.

  • Visit your nearest Fullerton India branch office
  • Request for a personal loan pre-closure form
  • Fill it out the form, sign and submit it attaching the necessary documents
  • Prior to closing the account, we will verify your identity; therefore, make sure that you carry the right ID proofs with you along with the cheque or demand draft
  • Pay the outstanding amount along with applicable foreclosure fees
  • On closing the loan account, a NOC or a No Objection Certificate will be issued from Fullerton India that will act as proof of closure 

Get In Touch With Us

If you have any further questions with reference to personal loan pre-closure, its fees, charges, etc., you may get in touch with us by calling Fullerton India’s customer service toll-free number - 1800 103 6001. Alternatively, email us on [email protected] for more information.

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