Bhubaneshwar, the largest city of Odisha, has around 700 temples. In recent times, it has emerged as an education hub and an attractive destination for business. Fullerton India offers personal loans in Bhubaneswar for salaried and self employed professionals to help fulfil any dream or aspiration. You can use Fullerton India personal loan in Bhubaneshwar to start a new business venture, organise a wedding, finance a family holiday, consolidate debt, or to manage an emergency. We offer personal loans at attractive interest rates with flexible repayment tenures and online digital processing, thereby making your experience seamless and convenient. 

Fullerton India Personal Loan in Bhubaneswar offers Special Benefits:

  1. Loan amount up to INR 25,00,000*
  2. Attractive personal loan interest rate starting 11.99%*
  3. Flexible repayment tenure between 12 months to 60 months
  4. Hassle free documentation process
  5. Instant in-principal approval

Simple Personal Loan Documentation

Fullerton India personal loan in Bhubaneswar needs a few basic documents. If you are applying online, it may be a good idea to keep the scanned copies of the documents handy. You need to fill up the required details in the application form. Along with the application you need to provide the following personal loan documents:

  1. PAN
  2. Identity proof 
  3. Address proof
  4. Bank account statements of the past 6 months 

If you apply as a salaried individual, you need to additionally submit the following documents:

  1. Salary slips for the last three months and/or
  2. Income tax returns / form 16 

If you apply as a self-employed individual, you need to submit the following documents: 

  1. Income proof / financial statements
  2. Proof of business existence / employment 

Fullerton India’s Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

You can apply for Fullerton India personal loan in Bhubaneswar as a salaried individual as well as a self-employed individual. You need to have to meet the eligibility criteria of Fullerton India to get a personal loan. 

  • You need to be between 21 to 60 years of age. 
  • If you are applying as a salaried individual,  your monthly salary should be above INR 20,000 and you need to be working in the current organization for a minimum of  6 months, with at least 1 year of work experience. 
  • If you are a self employed individual, then you need to have a specific minimum yearly profit after tax. Your eligibility may also depend on the type of profession or industry you belong to.
  • You should have a minimum credit score of 750 or more with no history of defaults.

Other parameters such as repayment capacity, EMI repayment history, debt-to-income ratio, etc. will also be used to evaluate your final eligibility as per our policy at the time of loan application.

Instant Personal Loan

Fullerton India gives you instant in-principle loan approval as soon as you submit your application based on the information provided. The loan amount is credited to your registered bank account shortly after loan approval, which is in turn subject to mandatory verification checks, document evaluation and execution of loan agreement.

Easy Online Application

Online application and hassle-free processing of Fullerton’s personal loan make the experience extremely convenient. Just click on the ‘Apply now’ button on this page and fill up the form with your details. The next step is to enter the amount and tenure. Upload the documents, and then submit. 

After successful verification of your information and documents, the funds would be credited to your account. 

If you prefer a face-to-face interaction, then you can visit our Fullerton India branch. Our representatives there will take you through the process.

Different Types of Personal Loan Calculator

You can use the following calculators to plan your application and finances better:

  1. Personal Loan EMI Calculator: This tool enables you to estimate your monthly EMI for a given loan amount, interest rate and tenure. Select a tenure so that the Personal Loan EMI Calculator shows the EMI amount fits within your budget.
  2. Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator: This tool helps you estimate the maximum loan amount you can get. Thus, you can plan your loan better by adding a co-applicant, increasing your tenure, or reducing existing debts if you need a higher amount. 
  3. Personal Loan Balance Transfer Calculator: Understand the benefits of transferring out the outstanding amount of any existing unsecured loans into a single personal loan from Fullerton India with the help of the Personal Loan Balance Transfer Calculator.
  4. Personal Loan Amortization Calculator: This tool helps both existing customers and interested applicants understand the loan schedule and thereby plan their finances better. 

*Terms and conditions apply* All loans are provided at the discretion of Fullerton India as per the applicable policy at the time of loan application. 


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