Personal Loan For Self Employed

A little more money can be a lot more helpful to realise your dreams with a smile. With ample funds, you can be sure to make the most of a well-deserved luxury holiday, or fulfil a temporary but pressing financial need.

No matter what you need today, a personal loan makes your life easier. A multi-purpose loan has various functions and zero restrictions on how you use your personal loan amount. You can use the funds personal reasons such as funding a family vacation or a wedding. With a self employed personal loan, you can also meet immediate requirements for your business such as overheads or unexpected repairs, etc.

Explore and find the perfect personal loan for your needs today. Rest assured, you will get competitive personal loan interest rates and value for money service. We ensure that you have a stress-free experience at every step from application to the disbursal process.


  • Loan amount up to `10 lakhs*
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment tenure up to 60 months*
  • Hassle-free documentation process
  • Quick loan disbursal
  • Special benefits for existing Fullerton India customers
  • Instant personal loans online


What is self-employed personal loan?

A self employed personal loan is a specially designed personal finance product exclusively for self employed customers. You could be a professional (such as a doctor, a chartered accountant or a consultant) with your own registered practice, or could operate as an independent contractor.

Can I get a personal loan if I'm Self Employed?

Fullerton India offers unsecured self employed personal loans up to INR 10 lakhs. However, the amount may vary depending on your individual profile and the company's policy at the time of loan application. To know more, apply now or contact us today

Can I get a personal loan without proof of income?

To get a personal loan, proof of income documents such as audited financial statements, income tax returns, form 16, etc are necessary, as well as your bank statements. However, to get a personal loan without proof of income, you can choose to apply with a family member who has income proof. However, please note that in such cases, the loan will be in the name of the person who has income proofs, and the same person will be help responsible for making the repayment.

How do I apply for a Personal Loan for self-employed?

If you are self employed, you can apply for an instant personal loan online with Fullerton India by clicking Apply Now. Alternately, you can also speak with a customer care representative, download our mobile app, or visit your nearest Fullerton India branch.

What is the eligibility for a Personal Loan for self-employed?

Personal loan eligibility for self employed customers will depend on factors such as
1. Yearly profit after taxes
2. Existing monthly obligation (including credit card debt),
3. Your financial position (based on bank statements)
4. Creditworthiness (determined by CIBIL score)
5. Location
6. Age
7. Fullerton India's policy at the time of loan application.

To know more, please contact us for a telephonic conversation with a Fullerton India representative, or visit your nearest Fullerton India branch.

What is the tenure of a Personal Loan for self-employed?

For self employed customers, the minimum tenure of a personal loan is 12 months, and the maximum tenure is 60 months. You can enjoy the benefits of our flexible repayment scheme to choose a loan tenure between 12 & 60 months that suits your requirements

What is the online approval process for a self-employed personal loan?

"For a self employed personal loan online -
1. Apply Online
2. You will be asked to enter certain information pertaining to your personal information (including address), the nature of your business, income statements of the past 2 years, total no. of years in operation, PAN number, etc.
3. You will also be asked to upload supporting documents.
4. After your application is complete, various parameters will be checked with the organisation's policies at the time of loan application.
5. You will then be informed whether or not you are eligible for a Fullerton India personal loan.

If you are eligible, your documents will be checked for authenticity. If all checks are completed successfully, your loan will get approved. At any point, if you face any difficulty, you can call us and get assistance from a representative of Fullerton India."

What is the maximum loan amount you can get when you apply for a self-employed personal loan?

Self employed customers can get unsecured personal loans from Fullerton India of upto INR 10 lakhs. However, the amount may go up to even INR 30 lakhs if you are a self employed professional and match certain criteria.