Personal loans have taken care of millions of people over the years. They have saved people from emergencies and sudden expenses. And now they do more than that. Personal loans give happiness by fructifying events in people’s life. Events like weddings, education, etc often create unforeseen expenses that can easily be funded by personal loans. The popularity of personal loans has greatly empowered people in our country to go after their aspirations and thereby ramped up consumption. This has mainly occurred due to low personal loan interest rates and the increased ease of availing them thanks to digitization.

Importance of Debt Consolidation

Many times, multiple debts can be stressful. Getting out of them may give you peace. It could get very tiresome to keep track of multiple payments while managing work and household expenses at the same time and feel very overwhelming. Debt consolidation is a great solution that gives one the option to merge loans. Personal loans taken for debt consolidation merge all debts into one single amount that will have to be paid on a monthly basis. Thus by paying off all the other debts, you will now have a single loan and a single estimated monthly installment (EMI) every month. This will offer you a huge sigh of relief by allowing you to focus only on one monthly installment.

In today’s times, debt consolidation is one of the wisest moves towards a healthy financial status. This is definitely where personal loans can step in to help. There are two major benefits. The first is to track single monthly payment aiding planning future expenses. The second is to achieve lower interest rates. This can be done with Fullerton India’s personal loan. You can even calculate personal loan EMI using our free EMI calculators available online. This will help you get clarity on the outgoing amounts.

Advantages of Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation:

  1. Personal loans are offered for an amount up to Rs. 25 Lakhs to consolidate debt. 
  2. Interest rates on personal loans offered by Fullerton India are very attractive. For instance, personal loan interest rates can start at 11.99%. 
  3. The documentation process is smooth and paperless. 
  4. One can apply online and even upload documents online. 
  5. Speed is as quick as 30 minutes of approval with disbursal within 72 hours leading to an instant personal loan.
  6. Repayment is flexible.
  7. If you apply online, you will be informed of your eligibility instantly after submitting your application.  

Simple Personal Loan Documentation Process:

  1. Photo Identity proof with age proof - a voter ID card, driving license, PAN card, or passport copy
  2. Fully filled up and signed application form 
  3. Coloured Photograph
  4. Residence proof (ration card, telephone bill, rental agreement, passport copy, driving license, bank passbook or statement, or electricity bill)
  5. Last 6 months bank statement
  6. Additional documentation for salaried applicants includes last 3 months salary slips, Form 16 or Income Tax Returns
  7. Additional documentation for self-employed applicants is last 3 years Income Tax Returns along with income computation, last 3 years certified Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account
  8. Depending on one’s profile and loan type, further documents may be requested at the time of application. 


Fullerton India offers personal loans with attractive interest rates and with complete simplicity. You can achieve your financial freedom by receiving an instant personal loan in just three days. Here you can know the process of how to apply for a personal loan. You can call or email Fullerton India’s team for further inquiries.


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Customer Experiences

Mr. Mahendra Kothari

M/S Divya Textiles

I have had a very fulfilling experience with Fullerton India. Right from the time when I had taken the loan; to any information I required, the executives have always responded promptly and have resolved my queries.

Ms. Deepamala Gorwani

M/S Manan Agency

While taking a loan from Fullerton India, sales executive collected all the required documents in one go and I received the loan amount on time. This was quite contrary to my previous experiences of taking up loans from other companies.