Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

At Fullerton India, we partner with you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations with customized personal loan schemes. Our personal loan eligibility criteria are easy to comply with. To apply for a personal loan from Fullerton India, you must be a resident citizen of India between the age of 21 years and 60 years. Further, your monthly income should be at least `20,000. This is increased to `25,000 if you live either in Mumbai or Delhi. Your repayment ability is determined by your credit score and existing loans, and is also taken into account.

Instant Personal Loan Eligibility:


Salaried employee of a private limited company or public sector undertaking, or self-employed with a minimum turnover as per the current policy

Eligible Age

21 years to 60 years

Minimum Income for Loan Eligibility

For salaried: `25,000 per month in Mumbai/ Delhi, `20,000 per month in rest of India

For self-employed: a minimum yearly profit after tax determined based on profession/industry

Work Experience Required

1 year

Experience in Current Company

6 months

Minimum CIBIL Score


Maximum EMI as percent of Income


*Subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us for more information.

How to Check Eligibility for a Personal Loan?

The personal loan eligibility criteria heavily depend on your disposable income. This should be at least 30% to 40% of your net monthly income. You should have a good credit score. For availing the best offers, it would be advisable to clear the pending dues and improve your personal loan eligibility. This will ensure a maximum personal loan amount based on your income, age, repayment capacity, and other factors. To know more, please also see our personal loan eligibility calculator.

Want to explore further? Our team is available over phone, email and chat, to help you with all your queries regarding personal loan eligibility.

Our streamlined eligibility process helps you find the best solution taking into account more than just your credit history. Fullerton India personal loans are customised for your unique financial profile and needs based on your savings, expenditure patterns and employment history.


How much personal loan can I get?

With Fullerton India, you can get a personal loan amount of upto `25 lakhs*

What is the eligibility criteria for Personal Loan?

Some basic instant personal loan eligibility criteria are as follows:
- You must be a residing citizen of India.
- You must be an employee of a private limited company or public sector undertaking (including central, state, and local bodies).
- You must be between the age of 21 and 60 years.

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan with Fullerton India also depends on various criteria such as age, location, monthly income (for salaried individuals) or yearly profit after tax (for self employed individuals), income proof, bank statements, CIBIL score, and existing monthly obligation including credit card EMIs. For more details, please visit our personal loan eligibility criteria page

What is the minimum salary to get Personal Loan?

To be eligibile for a personal loan from Fullerton India, you should have a minimum income of INR 20,000 per month. However, if you are working in Mumbai or Delhi, you would need a minimum income of INR 25,000 per month. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

What is the maximum personal loan i can get?

At Fullerton India, the personal loan amount which each customer can be eligibile for depends on a variety of factors, including the company's policy at the time of loan application. For instance, you can get a personal loan amount of upto `25 lakhs*. However, if you are a doctor, you can get upto `30 lakhs*. For self employed individuals, we offer collateral free personal loans of upto INR 10 lakhs*. Your unique requirements are special to us, and so to know the maximum amount you can be eligible for, we encourage you to contact us at the earliest.

How to get personal loan without CIBIL score?

One of the key factors for determining an applicant's eligibility for a personal loan is his creditworthiness. Usually, this information is determined based on CIBIL score, which is recorded for each individual based on past credit history. However, at Fullerton India, we also consider a variety of other factors to determine creditworthiness, and have created tailor made solutions to suit every customer's needs. Contact us today to know more about how you can get a Personal Loan at the best interest rates* and flexible repayment tenure as per your unique profile and needs.

What is the minimum and maximum loan tenure that I can avail?

You can get an instant personal loan online with a repayment tenure between 12 and 60 months.

* Terms and conditions apply
** Subject to foreclosure charges. Terms and conditions applicable.

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