What is Micro Finance?

Micro Finance is how credit, insurance, money transfers, and access to savings bank accounts are made available to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the underdeveloped part of the country. In India, it’s observed that the major recipients of microfinance are those who do not have access to traditional financial resources like a business loan. The interest rate on micro loans is higher than on traditional personal loans.

Types of Microfinance

The three main types of Micro finance is Micro Loans, Micro savings, and Micro insurance. Let’s understand them further-

  • Micro Loans - Micro Loans are of importance here. They are provided with no collateral mainly for people from rural areas who require small amounts 
  • Micro Savings - Micro savings allow small businessmen to operate their savings account with no minimum balance. The advantage is that it will create a habit among the users to save for the future along with bringing in some financial discipline.
  • Micro Insurance - Micro insurance is a type of coverage provided to small businesses that take a microloan. These insurance plans tend to have a lower premium than that of a traditional insurance policy.
  • Micro LAP - At Fullerton India, we also provide loans against property (LAP) to individuals as well as MSMEs at highly competitive rates. These loans are secured against property and have tenures ranging up to 15 years. Individuals can use these loans to finance large personal expenses. Small business owners who need a larger loan and a tenure longer than 5 years can avail this loan to meet their business needs. 

The importance of a Micro Loan can be understood as it provides individuals and small businesses an option for securing finance where traditional forms of finance aren’t available. This instills a sense of financial stability so that their aspiration of creation of assets and protection against risk is fulfilled. 

Here at Fullerton India, we understand the importance and urgency for MSME loans to help small businesses or newly established businesses, hence we have made an effort to provide not only a Small Personal Loan but also a Growing Enterprise Loan at very attractive interest rates.

Small Personal Loan

A Small Personal Loan also called an instant cash loan is an unsecured loan that could be used for personal financial needs. The interest rate on this starts at a very competitive 11.99%* and is a very simple and quick way to get cash in an emergency. Also, it has a very flexible repayment structure, thus allowing you to repay comfortably. To apply for this loan, please click on the “Apply now” button on this page, or visit your nearest Fullerton India branch.

Growing Enterprise Loan

  • For short term goals, we at Fullerton India provide financial assistance where requirement ranges between Rs 50,000 to Rs 250,000/-. 
  • Also, to make this loan an interesting option, we do not require  ITR or salary slips  for a loan amount of up to Rs 150,000/-. Not even
  • Once the loan is processed, which normally takes 5 days, it gets disbursed within 48 hours
  • The Repayment can happen via cash as well, where our officers will visit you at home to collect the installment
  • Also, no post-dated cheques are required for loans lower than Rs 100,000/- 
  • Thus, any new businesses or existing small businesses with an urgent need for cash flow can avail of this loan.
  • This product is available at select branches. To apply for this loan, please contact your nearest Fullerton India branch.

Micro financing thus helps small businesses to have control over their working capital & cash-flow, thus avoiding loans taken from friends, family.

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