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Interest Rate Rationale

11% to 18% per annum floating rate of interest. Floating rate of interest is linked to the FICCL retail prime lending rate which is currently at 19%

Fees & Charges

Here’s a table of Fees and Charges to help you understand the same in detail,

Charge Type Amount
Processing Fees Up to 3% of the Loan Amount
Stamp Duty/Registration At applicable rates (as per relevant State Laws)
Pledge confirmation/release/invocation charges* INR 50 per security
Liquidation Charges* 0.15% of value of securities liquidated
Cheque / ACH / ECS dishonoured Charges (per dishonour of cheque/ACH/ECS per presentation) 500
Delayed EMI Payment/ Interest Payment( per month of delay, every month) 2% per month on the outstanding balance which is overdue
Under-utilization charges 0.25% of the difference between actual average utilization and 25% of the average operating limit during the quarter, subject to a minimum of INR 1,250/- chargeable on a quarterly basis
Swap Charges- for replacement of ACH/ECS to ACH/ECS (per instance) 500
Swap Charges- for replacement of Post-dated cheques to ACH / ECS (per instance) 500
Prepayment charges** Nil for Overdraft facility

* Applicable for Securities in demat form
** For any other facility pre-payment would attract charges of an amount not exceeding 2% of the prepaid loan amount or such other amount as may be specified by FICCL in the sanction letter or otherwise from time to time

  • Note:
    All applicable taxes, stamp duty, levies etc would be charged as applicable and is not inclusive in the charges mentioned above.
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