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Loan against property allows you to use the value locked up in a property to meet any expenses you may have. While the loan amount depends on the total value of your property, you are free to use the funds as you see fit. Your property acts as collateral for the loan, but you can continue to use it as before.

At Fullerton India, we provide customized property loan depending on your requirement. Thus, you may be salaried, self-employed or an SME - rest assured, we have a product for you. Our streamlined process with minimal documentation ensures a hassle-free experience for every customer.

You can reach out to our support team for answers to any queries you may have or information you need via phone, email, or chat. Apply for a Loan Against Property today, and make the most of a host of advantages as our valued client.

How Much Property Loan Can I Get?

You can use the loan to value calculator below to get an estimate of the maximum loan amount you may be eligible for based on your income, monthly obligations and value / nature of your property.

12 Months
120 Months
180 Months

Max Loan Amount


As per your property value and monthly income & obligations, you may be eligible for a loan of upto INR 0.

Monthly EMI


Your monthly EMI will be around INR 0 for the interest rate and tenure selected

Total Interest payable


Interest payable over the loan tenure will be INR 0

Disclaimer Please note that this calculator is for demonstrative purposes, and only takes into account the n... Read More

Why Choose Fullerton India for Loan Against Property?

Our Loan Against Property can get you going within minutes to achieve your life goals!

Our unmatched loan against property products and experienced team ensure quick loan disbursals, hassle-free documentation and flexible tenures.

Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property up to `5 crores* - Our mortgage products offer loan amounts up to 70% of your property's market value. With loans up to `5 crores*, you can fulfil your business and personal needs with ease.

Easy interest rates - Get the very best interest rates on loan against property in the market with our loan against property and maximise your benefits. We offer flexible repayment tenures so that you can plan your finances according to your needs.

High LTV on market value of both commercial and residential properties - You can get the best value with our mortgage loan product against your residential or commercial properties. Your funds can be used to fulfill any business or personal need.

Convenient and transparent process - Our mortgage loan products and services promise maximum speed and transparency. Our team is available via phone and email to help you find the best loan options and interest rates.

Personalised products to suit your individual needs - We offer different types of Loan Against Property products to suit all your needs at different life stages.

Hassle-free documentation and quick disbursal -Our seamless process makes sure that you have the smoothest experience from start to finish. With our online application process, you can get a loan against property with absolute ease.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Loan Against Property Eligibility

The loan against property eligibility depends on whether you are a salaried individual, self-employed or an SME. Your repayment potential is assessed on factors such as your income, fixed obligations, credit history, etc. Thus, along with the loan application, you will have to submit the following documents required for a loan against property.

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Address Proof
  3. Age proof
  4. Bank Statements for the last 6 months
  5. Last 6 months salary slips (for salaried customers)
  6. Audited financial statements (for self-employed and SME applicants)
  7. Form 16
  8. Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years
  9. Processing fee cheque
  10. Documentation pertaining to the property offered as collateral

Loan Against Property Interest Rates

The interest charged on a loan against property depends on several factors. These include:

  1. Your nature of work
  2. The type of property
  3. The current market value of the property
  4. Available documentation
  5. Your income
  6. Your credit history.

The interest rates on mortgage loans from Fullerton India vary based on the above factors. To know more, please visit our loan against property interest rates page.

How to Apply for Loan Against Property

  1. Click on the “Apply Now” button on our website. On the following page, select “Loan Against Property”. Select the appropriate option depending on whether you are salaried or self-employed or an SME.
  2. Next, you will be taken to an online form. Enter your mobile number and the OTP sent to you.
  3. Enter your personal details as requested on the online form page. Click “Next”.
  4. Enter your employment details in the next step.
  5. Enter your bank details in the next step.
  6. Upload scanned copies of your documents
  7. Click “Submit”. Within a few seconds, you will be informed if you are eligible.
  8. If yes, our customer care representative will get in touch with you for the next steps.

If you are an existing customer of Fullerton India, you may be eligible for Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme.

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What is Loan against Property?

Loan against property is an excellent and convenient way to raise money. As the name suggests, loans against property are sanctioned by financial institutions by accepting property as collateral. The borrower needs to pledge his or her property as a security against the loan amount. In case the borrower fails to repay the loan within the tenure, the property can be sold or auctioned by the lender to recover the loan amount sanctioned to the borrower.

What is the maximum loan amount that I can avail against the property?

You can get an amount of up to 70 percent* of the market value of the residential property or 60 percent* of the market value of the commercial premises. It is recommended that you speak with a customer service representative to know more about the maximum loan amount that you can avail against your mortgaged property.

For what purpose can I avail of a Loan against Property?

You can avail of a Loan against Property for any personal or business purposes including funding a dream wedding, expanding business premises, paying for medical emergencies, and more. The end use of the mortgage loan product should not be for any speculative or prohibitive activities.

When do I have to start repaying the loan amount?

The repayment period will commence in the month subsequent to the month in which the loan was disbursed. To know more about our flexible loan offerings, speak to a customer representative online or at the nearest Fullerton India branch today.

How do I repay the loan amount?

You will need to repay the loan in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI). The amount can be paid through CTS compliant Post Dated Cheques (PDC) or the Electronic Clearance System (ECS). For more information on EMIs and loan repayment options, get in touch with our in-house team.

What security do I need to provide to avail of the loan?

The security for the loan will be the first mortgage of the property to be financed - generally by way of deposit of Title Deeds and/ or such other collateral security. The title to the property has to be clear, marketable, and free from encumbrance. In other words, there should not be any existing mortgage, loan, or litigation, which is likely to affect the title to the property adversely.

How and when will the loan amount be disbursed?

The loan amount will be disbursed directly to your operating bank account - post approval from the company. The approval process includes a verification procedure for the loan agreement and other legal formalities. The loan amount is disbursed after the property has been technically and legally appraised.

What is the tenure of the Loan Against Property? Can I repay my loan before the due date?

The LAP can be availed for a maximum tenure of 15 years. You can take up the loan until a maximum age of 65 years (at the maturity of the loan). You can repay your loan amount at any time during the tenure.

Note: Loans are at the sole discretion of Fullerton India and are subject to guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. Fullerton India may engage the services of marketing agents for sourcing loan assets in certain locations.

How will my loan eligibility be calculated?

The loan against property eligibility is usually calculated on the basis of the repayment capacity of the borrower. The repayment capacity will be ascertained based on factors such as your income, age, qualifications, spouse's income, and others. It is recommended that you speak with a customer service representative via phone and email or at the nearest branch to know more.

Who can take out a loan against property?

Loan against property is available to:

  1. Salaried residents of India between the ages 21 years and 60 years
  2. Self-employed residents of India between the ages 25 years and 65 years
  3. All Indian SMEs
  4. The applicant must own residential or commercial property.

You may visit our loan against property eligibility page for more details.

What is LTV?

Loan to value ratio, or LTV in short, is the key factor in determining the maximum loan that you can raise against your pledged property. Higher the LTV offered by the financial institution, greater the approved loan amount. For example, if the LTV ratio offered by the financial institution is 60% and the current value of your pledged property is estimated to be of INR 60 lakhs, then depending on the lender’s evaluation of your property, you can get a maximum of 60% of your property’s value, that is INR 36 lakhs as the loan amount. The LTV ratios offered in a loan against property is subject to change as per each lender’s policy and might have some further terms and conditions.

How much loan can I get against property?

The loan against property that you can get depends on the LTV ratio offered by the financial institution. At Fullerton India, we offer up to 70% of the pledged property’s value in case of a mortgaged residential property and up to 60% in case of a mortgaged commercial property. . We offer mortgage loans upto a maximum of INR 12.5 Crores*. To know the exact value of the loan amount that you can raise out of your property, please contact us.

Are uninsured properties accepted to sanction a Loan against Property?

If you have an uninsured property, and would like to avail a loan against property with Fullerton India, you can apply online or contact us. Our representative will get in touch with you for a detailed discussion. However, it is a good practice to get your property insured before you can pledge it as collateral in a loan against property loan scheme. The insurance policy would cover for any damages that may happen to the pledged property and will be valid throughout the loan tenure.

Is loan against property taxable?

You do not get any tax deduction for a loan against property. Also, GST will be charged as applicable on your loan against property as per the regulations. To know more, please visit our policies page.

Can I get a loan against the plot?

At the moment, we offer loans only against residential or commercial properties but not plots.

* Terms and conditions apply
** Subject to foreclosure charges. Terms and conditions applicable.

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