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Loan Against Property Interest Rates

Mortgaging one's property may seem like a difficult decision. However, with Fullerton India's competitive Loan Against Property interest rates, flexible repayment options and tenure, you can comfortably take a mortgage loan to fulfil your needs – be it personal or professional. Therefore, that dream which you nurture isn't so far away, and may not necessarily come at a high price – in fact, with our loan against property interest rates, you may find that this could be the best possible option for you.

Loan against property interest rates will depend on several factors. First and foremost, they will depend on the type of product you apply for. At Fullerton India, we have several variations of mortgage loans, designed exclusively to suit the needs of customers with varied backgrounds. Thus, you may be either a salaried or a self-employed professional, or an entity – you may rest assured that we have the right solution for you.

Loan Against property interest rates also depend on other factors, such as the type of property you would like to mortgage and its value, the documentation available for the same, income information, bank statements, credit history, and so on. You can rest assured that with our commitment to provide customer satisfaction, you will be able to receive the best possible offer on your mortgage loan interest rates.

Please see the tables below to know more. Alternately, you may also speak to a customer service representative at the nearest branch or over the phone, online, or on chat to know more about the applicable loan against property interest rate for your enterprise.

Customer type Rates
Salaried / Self Employed / SMEs 9%-24%  (depending on several factors including net income, employment or business stability, existing monthly obligations, type of LAP product, etc.)

Please refer to the policy and charges before applying for a loan against property online.

Loan Against Property Fees & Charges

Here's a table of Fees and Charges to help you understand the same in detail,

Fee Type Applicable Charges
Delayed EMI Payment Interest ( per month of delay, every month) As stated under additional interest charge**
Collection of Cheque/Cash (per collection) 300
Cheque /ECS/NACH dishonoured Charges (per dishonour of cheque/ECS/NACH per presentation) 30
Swap Charges- for replacement of Post-dated cheques to ECS (per instance) 500
Swap Charges- for replacement of ECS to ECS (per instance) 500
Loan Cancellation charges (loan cancelled before first EMI) 1000
Processing Fees Up to 2% of the Loan Amount
*Additional Interest (applicable for payment defaults): Rate
For loans below   INR 5 Cr An amount not exceeding zero point seven (0.7) per cent per annum
For loans exceeding  INR 5 Cr An amount not exceeding zero point five (0.5) per cent per annum
On the Principal amounts outstanding under the Loan payable from the relevant due date until the date of actual payment / rectification of default.
**Additional Interest (applicable for payment defaults) An amount not exceeding zero point five(0.5) per cent per annum on the Principal amounts outstanding under the Loan payable from the relevant due date until the date of actual payment / rectification of default.
Rate of interest conversion fee An amount not exceeding one per cent (1%) of the loan amount sanctioned ( Loan Against Property/LRD)

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