10 Small Business Ideas in India for Entrepreneurs

Published on Feb 15, 2022Updated on Sept 27, 2022

10 Small Business Ideas in India for Entrepreneurs

Will 2022 be that unique time in your life when you actually take the plunge to kickstart your small scale business ideas in India? 

No doubt you’ve imagined innumerable business ideas by this time that can possibly lead you towards success. And you may have already envisioned quitting your mundane 9 to 5 job, leading a fairly comfortable lifestyle by generating substantial revenue.

Do not allow yourself to just muster up this list of small business ideas and then go back to your comfort zone. In spite of a steady and secure job, there is nothing like coming up with a unique business proposition. 

So, let that ‘next year that never comes’ actually become a reality in 2022. With several examples of successful small scale businesses at home mushrooming all around you, there is no better time to start taking advantage of the opportunity. 

To help you get started, here’s a layout of 10 small business ideas. See which concept clicks for you.

1. Consider a Dropshipping Business:

A dropshipping business is when you create an e-commerce store and sell products that are manufactured by someone else. In fact, the shipping too happens from the manufacturer’s end. What you get out of the deal is a handsome commission for every sale that takes place through you or your platform. 

The best part of this business idea is that you do not end up purchasing stock that you may be stuck with if it does not sell. To create your website, you can always apply for an easy-to-get business loan*. 

2. Offer Content Development Services:

If you have the writing bug, then the best small business idea is to seek freelance content development projects. Most organisations are open to working with freelance content developers for article writing, social media content, whitepapers, ebooks and more. 

Moreover, you may also consider self-publishing a book with Amazon. It is a fairly simple process, and, in the end, you can make some real money from it too. 

3. Buy and Flip Domains:

You must know about how some people excel in the art of buying and selling real estate. Purchase property at a good price point, fix it up a bit and then resell it at a profit. 

You can apply the same technique to buying and flipping web domains too. All you have to do is to be on the lookout for domains, be it yours or somebody else’s which can be flipped. As you become adept in the game, it can be a great source of supplementary income for a small scale entrepreneur.

4. Develop a SaaS Product:

Some of the best small scale business ideas in India are SaaS based products. SaaS is basically a software that is available online, but you need to pay a fee in order to access it. 

You need to initially find a gap in the service space that people will be happy to pay for on a continuous basis. Brainstorming is an absolute must to get your concept bang on. Check your eligibility with Fullerton India if you have a business loan requirement to fund the idea. Please note that at Fullerton India, business loans are only provided to those who fulfill the eligibility criteria.

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5. Become an Event Planner:

More and more people are seeking professional assistance when it comes to planning memorable moments in their lives. Event planning today is a profitable business venture for first-time entrepreneurs in India.

If you are creative and passionate about designing and organizing, then the event planning business is the right fit for you. If you need financing, check your business loan eligibility with Fullerton India today.

6. Create an Online Program:

Try your hand at creating a digital course if you are into online teaching and coaching. This is a one-of-a-kind small online business idea where you can monetize your knowledge by sharing it with others.

Capitalize on the opportunity with the help of email marketing and exploring affiliate partnerships. You can also develop a website where you can host the program and then advertise it on social media channels too.

7. Open a Travel Agency:

Most people love to travel. However, they usually get stuck planning out their holidays. Plus, there are additional revenue streams such as booking tickets, hotels, cars and more. Hence the reason why travel agencies are doing roaring business across the globe. 

That said, setting up a travel planning business requires monetary investment. To make your dream venture a reality, you can compare various financial products and find out which is the most affordable business loan interest rate that you can get.

8. Set up a Daycare Centre:

With more and more mothers going back to work post having children, daycare services are expanding in the metros at a tremendous pace. The second reason why daycare centers are growing in popularity is because of the nuclear family systems in the cities.

If you love being around children, then opening up a daycare center is a small business idea that can reap profits in the short term.

9. Become a Placement Consultant:

The job market is on the rise again. If you have the right connections and networks, then opening up a placement consultancy absolutely makes sense. Make sure that you tie up with reputed organizations and negotiate a good commission rate on placing your candidates successfully. 

Apply here to get the ball rolling if you have a business loan requirement.

10. Set up a Cloud Kitchen:

If food is your thing, then one of the popular small-scale business ideas in India right now is to set up a cloud kitchen. You can tie up with services like Zomato and Swiggy to ensure last-mile delivery.

Getting this business idea off the ground will involve some initial capital investment. You can always run an eligibility check on our website to see if you qualify for a business loan.

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If you are interested in starting your business venture, the time to take action is now. Please note that business loans at Fullerton India are only provided to eligible candidates. If you do not have an existing profitable business and only have an idea, you are probably not eligible for a business loan. In such cases, you can look for funding via independent investors, or you can ask a close family member with required cibil score and stable income to apply for a personal loan on your behalf.

Get into the driving seat and take a look at some of these best small business ideas. By this time next year, you may well be on your way to climbing the success ladder of your entrepreneurial journey.

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