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I'm a 50 year old property owner. am i eligible for a loan against property?

Your hard-earned property could be your biggest strength and help you in more ways than one. At the age of 50, you may be faced with significant events such as higher education of a child or even marriage. Or you may have identified an excellent business opportunity and want to invest in a new venture. These events require a fairly large sum of funds at short notice. The quickest way to organize these funds is to opt for a Loan against Property.

A Loan against Property can help tap the financial potential of your residential or commercial property. There are a range of Property loans that you can avail of to meet your financial needs, whether they are business, personal or education. It is recommended to approach a financial institution that is widespread across the country and has an influential network of branches. These institutions will utilize their skill and experience and offer a fully customised Property loan with exclusive features and a range of personalized benefits such as additional finance and balance transfer. Your property could be your gateway to realizing your dreams and goals in the most affordable way.

You could apply for a Loan against Property as long as you have all the necessary documents. Typically, you would be asked to produce the following documents:

  • Application form with a recent photograph
  • Identity proof
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of age
  • Bank statements
  • Form 16, Income Tax returns and pay-slips in case of salaried applicants
  • Proof of business existence, Company’s financials and Duly certified income tax returns (business and individual) in case of self-employed applicants
  • Copy of the Title Documents of the property and Approved Plan

Subject to verification of these documents and clearance of processing fee, you can avail of a loan of 50-60% of the market value of the property value. However, depending on the applicant’s profile, it could stretch to as high as 70% of the property’s market value.

Eligibility for a Loan against Property is assessed generally basis the repayment capability of the borrower. Repayment capacity is a function of several factors including income, spouse’s income, qualifications and age. Thus, as a 50-year old property owner you would be eligible for a Loan against Property. It is best to visit a reputed financial institution and speak to a Relationship Manager to understand your loan eligibility.

If you need funds for a personal, business or educational expenses, availing a Property Loan could be the ideal solution. It is important to approach a financial institution of good standing, one that is equipped to take proper care of your property documents and records. The eligibility for a Loan against Property is assessed after careful consideration of multiple factors and not just age. It is advisable to speak to a Relationship Manager of a reputed financial institution so that you can benefit from the best terms for your Loan against Property.

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