Where can I see the LAN of my Loan from Fullerton India?

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LAN is short for Loan Account Number. This number refers to the unique 14 or 15 digit number which defines your loan account at Fullerton India. This number is issued as soon as your loan account is created at Fullerton India. In case you have multiple loans with Fullerton India, for each loan, a separate and unique Loan account number will be created. This number is how we differentiate your loan account from all others and enables us to keep track of your loan for regular updation. Please read on to know more.

How to know my LAN or Loan Account Number?

Here are the ways in which you can find out your LAN:

  1. Loan Statement – The LAN number is mentioned on top of the monthly loan statement that is issued to every customer upon request. Please note that you can request for your monthly loan statement through our “Contact Us” section or via the customer login portal. After the receipt of your request for loan statement, you will be sent the same on your registered email ID or postal address.
  2. Customer Login Portal – Login into the “Customer Login” section on our website using your customer ID or username and password. Your LAN will be clearly displayed on the dashboard.
  3. Fullerton India mConnect App – Log in to the mConnect app. Your Loan Account Number will be displayed on the home screen.
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Why does my LAN have 15 Digits?

Our rural customers are issued 14 digit loan account numbers, whereas our remaining customers are issued 15 digit loan account numbers.

How to know my Fullerton India LAN without Loan Statement?

In case you are not able to access your loan statement, then one or more of the following may be applicable to you. Please read through these to understand how to retrieve your LAN in any of these situations.

  1. No Access to Monthly Loan Statements – This could be because you may have changed your email ID or postal address from the one which has been registered with us. In such a case, please download the m-connect app or log in to the Customer Login section to retrieve your LAN.
  2. If you are unable to login to the customer service portal or the m-connect app, please write an email* to [email protected] with the following details
    • Full Name
    • Registered Mobile Number
    • PAN / Aadhaar (ID proof provided during loan application)
    • Loan Amount
    • Request/ Query
  3. Alternately, you can also call customer care at 1800 103 6001* from your registered mobile number (between 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM on all days except Sundays, 4th Saturday of every month and public holidays).
  4. In case you require a quick revert, then please feel free to visit us at your nearest Fullerton India branch. Please carry with you a valid ID proof (preferably the one you had provided when you had applied for the loan at Fullerton India).

In Conclusion

Your Loan Account Number (LAN) is a very important aspect of your loan account at Fullerton India. In order to ensure that we can always provide you with prompt service, it is essential that you always have access to the same via your loan statement, customer service portal, or mConnect app. For this, always ensure your contact details such as email ID, postal address,and mobile number are updated in our records. 

To update the above details, please raise a request on our Contact Us page or feel free to approach your nearest Fullerton India branch.

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*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our customer care is currently running at minimum capacity. Hence, it may take us a bit longer to respond to your queries. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. For any urgent requirements, please place a request through our “Contact Us” section or visit your nearest Fullerton India branch.


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