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Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter - Which One to Choose?

Published on Aug 31, 2021Updated on Oct 27, 2022

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter - Which One to Choose?

There have been tremendous advancements in two-wheeler technology in the last few years. Even though the market continues to be dominated by petrol scooters, the introduction of electric scooters has given prospective customers an array of two-wheelers to choose from.

So, when it comes to purchasing your two wheeler, which one would you go for if the choice is between the electric vs petrol scooter?

A quick comparison will help you arrive at an informed decision.

1. Pricing:

Treading the path to being eco-friendly comes at a significant cost as electric scooters are available at a premium cost compared to the more affordable petrol version. Some of the best-rated electric scooters run on lithium-ion batteries that are expensive. However, the Government of India is trying to promote the adoption of e-scooters and has therefore raised the cap on the incentives to Rs. 15,000 per kWh that is able to cover almost 40% of the two-wheeler’s total cost.

Petrol scooters are best aligned with the interest of customers who are generally price-conscious. The models available within this segment are significantly large at varying price points depending on the capacity of the engine. Having said that, a large number of customers are switching to electric scooters given the recent hike in petrol prices.

2. Fuel Cost:

There are no fuel costs associated with electric scooters. On the other hand, it offers the same mileage as a petrol model at 15% of the cost of one liter of petrol. In the long run, electric scooters are more economical. However, there are limited stations wherein one can charge their electric vehicles. The government of India is also incentivizing entrepreneurs who provide self-charging devices / set up charging stations for EVs, thereby making this particular issue become smaller each day.

Petrol scooters on average deliver around 50 to 60 kms per litre. However, select models that are fuel-efficient will be able to deliver up to 100 kms per litre.

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3. Operational Range:

If you need a two wheeler to only cover short distances, then the electric version is an ideal choice. With the availability of limited charging stations, covering long distances on e-scooters can be risky. Having said that, newer electric scooter models are now available with self-charging solutions which implies that long rides are not too far away in the future.

There is no restriction on the operation usage of petrol scooters at all. As long as you have friendly roads and terrains along with access to petrol stations / carry petrol with you, you can take your petrol scooter out for a ride anywhere.

4. Maintenance:

Maintenance costs for electric scooters are relatively low compared to their petrol counterparts. Besides charging the battery regularly and cleaning the two at frequent intervals, there is not much maintenance involved.

Petrol scooters on the other hand have to be regularly serviced especially if the parts need replacement or mechanical parts are worn out.

5. Convenience:

To operate an electric scooter, it must have at least two hours of time to fully charge. It can be a challenging job if you reside in apartment blocks to charge an electric scooter as charging stations can be difficult to access. However, many e-scooters have removable batteries that can be charged within your home.

Petrol variants on the other hand can be fuelled at gas stations, anywhere, anytime which adds that much needed layer of convenience when driving around.

Taking into account these key factors and parameters who can purchase your preferred two wheeler variant easily. If you are in need of financing, you may consider taking out a bike loan from Fullerton India. Please note that at the present, Fullerton India Two Wheeler Loans are not available for those who wish to purchase electric bikes / scooters. If you need a loan for the purchase of an electric vehicle, please apply for a personal loan instead.

How to Apply for a Two Wheeler Loan?

It is a convenient, quick and hassle-free process when applying for your two wheeler loan at Fullerton India. The following outlines steps will make the process simple and easy:

  1. Visit our page on Two Wheeler loans.
  2. Check the eligibility parameters and see if you fulfill the requirements
  3. Go through the two wheeler loan interest rates to understand the rates, fees and charges applicable. 
  4. Use the bike loan EMI calculator to assess the monthly installments 
  5. Click on the “Apply now” button and select “Two wheeler loans” to apply. 
  6. Enter the required details carefully.  

These steps officially register your application interest for a two wheeler loan with Fullerton India. A customer service executive will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and explain the process.

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Here are the next steps: 

  • Based on the information provided by you, your Two Wheeler Loan Eligibility will be assessed. If yes, your application will be processed further
  • You will be requested to provide the required documents. 
  • The documents and your details will go through various verification checks as per Fullerton India’s policy. 
  • Upon successful verification, your loan will get approved. 
  • Fullerton India will share a Loan Agreement Document with you. 
  • Please go through the terms carefully before signing the agreement. After receiving your confirmation your loan will be approved and the required funds will be disbursed.   

This covers all the aspects of how to get a two wheeler loan approved online at Fullerton India. However, if you have any questions or queries, you can reach out by emailing us at [email protected]rtonindia.com . You can also get in touch with our Fullerton India customer care service department on our toll free number 1800 103 6001 . Alternatively, you may also visit your nearest Fullerton India branch. 

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