Best Tourist Destinations To Celebrate New Year in India

Published on Dec 15, 2022Updated on Jan 13, 2023

Best Tourist Destinations To Celebrate New Year in India

The countdown for the new year has begun. The time to bid adieu to the current year is here, and so is the moment to welcome the new year. This calls for taking a significant break from daily responsibilities and diving deep into the pool of new beginnings and excitement.

Regardless of how short your break is, it is just the right time to refuel yourself, recharge, and have a good time with your friends and family by escaping to the finest tourist destinations for the new year. Moreover, when it comes to celebrations, nothing can beat India. Let's explore the top tourist destinations for the new year that will amplify your beginnings and multiply your happiness.

Top 6 Tourist Destinations For New Year in India

The new year is when all our wishes get fulfilled, and there's no better wish than planning a holiday. Here's a sneak peek at the top 6 tourist destinations you can visit during New Year:

1. Goa


Absolutely nothing can beat a visit to Goa when it comes to celebrating the new year. People from all over the world visit Goa to party and enjoy. This party paradise is the finest place to be and for welcoming the new year with open arms.

Tourists are in their best spirits during the new year, accompanied by great weather and distinct culture. All of this makes Goa the ideal tourist destination for the new year. Most people prefer the celebratory energy of Goa, and people who love partying should look no further than Goa to visit.

2. Varanasi


Are you planning to begin your new year with a tinge of spirituality? Varanasi is the place to embrace for celebrating the new year in India. According to popular belief, people visit Varanasi to take a dip in the holy Ganges and wash off all their sins.

Banaras, or Varanasi, is regarded as one of the holy cities in India, and visiting here requires one to be mindful, soulful, and pure. If you are here, remember to take a boat ride to have a soulful and serene welcome.

The various activities to enjoy in Varanasi are watching the evening Aarti, taking a boat to stroll through the holy river, and going to various temples and ghats.

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3. Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is the most beautiful tourist destination to visit with family, friends, and your beloved partner. Newly married couples can enjoy a gateway to Kodaikanal and spend quality time together, followed by new year celebrations.

Cycling, horse riding, boating around the river, and trekking alongside the hills are fun activities one can participate in. There's no better new year beginning than some homemade chocolates, pears, and plums. This romantic place is divine, and you can find yourself at peace if your plan includes celebrating the new year in tranquil silence.

4. Manali


The honeymoon destination of India, in the new year, has a vibe of its own. Manali is a new year destination for many due to plenty of reasons. Its tourist attractions, such as the Tibetan Monastery, Vashisht Temple, Van Vihar, etc., deserve a visit before the new year.

To feel the essence and find peace in the hills, go for a crazy party amidst the glittery lights and indulge in the essence of shimmer. Skating, parachuting, and paragliding are some activities you can try.

5. Bangalore


How could Bangalore, the famous Party Capital of India, stay out of the list, especially when it concerns the new year? The whole city comes to the dance floor to celebrate the new year party. Clubs, discos, and the streets are lit up to celebrate the new year in Bangalore as the city embraces tourists from all over the country. A House Party is another common form of celebration here.

To drench in the vibe of the upcoming year, one can hop through bars all night, visit the best of pubs, and scour through the street during New Year's Eve. All these elements make visiting Bangalore worth it.

Bangalore is the undisputed king of party and the most happening place for youngsters to have a great time and celebrate the new year.

6. Udaipur


Rajasthan, the most enchanting place in India, also brings forth the New Year’s vibe, which can be best spotted in Udaipur, the city of lakes.

Visiting this city during the new year will be an unforgettable experience if you plan to be here with your loved ones. New year in Udaipur can be celebrated in many ways, including exploring the palatial palace or getting hold of the city souvenirs. Moreover, New Year flavors are spread throughout the city royally through various parties and clubbing.


So, buckle up to explore the best tourist destinations for the new year, as the new year is almost here. The listed tourist destinations are the go-to spots for people looking for ideal itinerary plans to celebrate the new year.

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Please note: It is important to thoroughly research the safety and security of any destination before making travel arrangements. This includes consulting with professionals such as travel agents and government websites, as well as taking personal security measures. Please keep in mind that the information provided here is for general guidance only.

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