How to Apply for a Business Loan Online? (InfoGraphic)

The process to apply for business loans online to disbursal of funds is divided into four parts, based on the time frames of different processes.

Step 1:

Visit the Fullerton India website and click on the “Apply Now” button. Select the “business loans” option and enter the loan amount.

Step 2:

In the next step, provide your basic details, including name, mobile number and click on “submit”. You will be given a tracking ID to know the status of the loan application.

The above two steps would require just 2-5 minutes of yours to complete.

Step 3:

A Fullerton India representative will connect with you on your mobile number to understand your requirements and will inform you about the next steps involved. 

Step 4: 

On discussion with the Fullerton India representative and successfully meeting all the business loan requirements, you may receive in-principle approval for the loan. 

The above two steps would require 1-2 days to get completed.

Step 5:

You will now be asked to submit all the relevant business loan documents of yours and your business. The documents will go through various stages of verification to establish their authenticity.

Step 6:

Once all the documents are verified, the terms and rate of interest of business loan will be finalized with you. Once your loan application is approved, a loan agreement  will be executed.

The above two steps require 2-3 days to complete.

Step 7:

Once loan agreement papers are signed, the loan gets sanctioned, and the funds will be credited to your bank account within 72 hours of loan approval. It is the final step of the process.

If you meet all the eligibility criteria of the lender and provide all the relevant documents, the process of applying for a business loan online to disbursal of the loan fund may take 3-5 business days*.

*Terms and Conditions apply*


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