About Finnovatica

The program has 3 stages


  • We launch the program at your campus 
  • Register on this page individually or as a team*
  • Login and upload your ideas in the form of a 1 pager Concept Note.
  • Teams with the most promising ideas will be given a certificate and assigned a business mentor from within the organization.


  • Selected teams work on refining their ideas with the help of business mentors
  • Prepare a detailed presentation and a prototype (wireframes, cardboard models, etc.)
  • Present both at the Appathon event of Finnovatica in Mumbai to an eminent jury panel.
  • Selected teams win cash award*

Final Arena

  • Qualified teams work on a project development plan.
  • Financial resources, timelines and milestones to be mutually agreed upon
  • Cash award* to the team post project plan approval.
  • Develop the project under supervision of business mentors.
  • Demonstrate the project at the Grand Finale
  • Chance to win Grand Cash Awards; support for teams interested in entrepreneurship

*Terms and Conditions apply

Program Schedule

Currently, registrations for this programme are closed.

Awards and Recognition*

  • Certificate of Appreciation for every student who clears the Genesis round.
  • Up to INR 30,000 cash award to every team which clears the Appathon Round
  • Up to INR 20,000 cash award to every team whose project plans are accepted
  • Up to INR 15,000 cash award to every team for achieving a milestone
  • Winners of the Final Arena stand to Grand Cash Awards upto INR 25,00,000

*Terms and Conditions apply

Thought Starters

Fullerton India Credit Company is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). We aim to help customers with a wide range of lending products such as commercial loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, loan against property, SME loans, and so on. Unlike Banks, NBFCs don't accept deposits (savings account/current account) from their customers.

Lending has been a primary facet of our society, ever since the days of money-lenders. Every individual or company looks for a viable credit solution so as to gain the best possible advantage in his/her current situation. For instance, a salaried person may prefer purchasing a vehicle on loan rather than risk using up all of his savings at once.

Similarly, companies in the MSME sector often find themselves facing hurdles due to non-availability of working capital. At the same time, being small players or in rural areas, they may not be able to easily access lenders who could meet their needs. Alternately, corporates may face issues in balancing their financing and accounting hurdles.

At Fullerton India, our primary focus is on using the latest technologies to develop solutions and redefine the business of lending. Can you think of mobile applications which could help us acquire more clients for loans, improve the disbursement process, help us communicate with consumers better, reduce paperwork, etc?

Here is a set of problem statements. Please note that these are merely pointers, and other promising ideas pertaining to technology innovation will also be welcomed.

  1. Loan Processing
    When processing loan applications, financial institutions require companies to transmit a number of documents. These documents need to be submitted in original version (paper) and witnessed by a lawyer/notary. The process of this paper based documentation is cumbersome, resource-heavy and therefore expensive. As a result, small companies are underserved because this process is expensive. Develop a platform and/or standard that would enable digital exchange, signature and authentication of notary documents. This platform may also be used for board resolutions, credit facilities as well as other forms of contracts.
  2. Passwords/User Authentication
    Customers often rely on weak or common passwords across services as they struggle to keep track of complex passwords and authentication methods. Other than passwords, customers have to use many authentication tokens, each for a different purpose. Propose a different approach to authentication that does not depend on passwords, cumbersome 2FA methods or would not require financial institutions to invest separately in authentication infrastructure.
  3. Mobile Gaming
    Parents feel that either they or their children are spending a lot of money on mobile apps including gaming apps. Create a free-to-play mobile game (with in-app purchases). The proceeds of in-app purchases would be placed into an investment vehicle and/or a personal account. After a certain amount of funds have been accumulated, the Financial Institution running the game would provide tools that would enable customers to reinvest and manage these funds
  4. Non-traditional data sources for effective underwriting
    Existing credit underwriting models do not leverage new sources of qualitative and quantitative information, both for individuals and small-and-medium enterprises (“SMEs”). Find a solution that would leverage non-traditional data sources to selectively refine existing under-writing models (rather than re-write them). This would enable Financial Institutions to lend to new customers that they would have rejected before.
  5. Innovative solutions to promote financial literacy among young adults
    Costs of living in Asia have risen, pension systems in most parts of Asia are not effective, and inflation is high. If a young adult doesn't invest for the future, they may find themselves not being able to support retirement when it finally comes. The key inhibitor in reluctance to invest is low financial literacy, leading to conservatism in managing personal assets Develop a creative and engaging tool, game or app that provides basic financial literacy education at strategic points in early life education or young adult life.
  6. Inventory management for SME and MSME's
    SME/MSME clients form a large existing/potential customer base for FICC. In the rural and semi urban areas these individuals continue to rely on paper-based methods to reconcile payments and accounts, manage their inventory/orders, manage supply of raw material and the overall supply chain. Develop a full product suite for SMEs to manage their purchase orders, invoices and cash flows, the solution should be taking into account key factors like the education level and preferred languages of the target segment.
  7. Digital Wallets
    Technologists expect 2016 to be the year of the mobile wallets. The offerings among current wallets are very similar and undifferentiated. From a consumer perspective, even people having 5 to 6 cards per person comprising of mainly debit and credit cards are interested in utilizing the mobile/smartphones for secured mobile financial services. Find an idea to enhance the value proposition of the mobile wallet to create customer stickiness, promote mobile centric lifestyle and give individuals a compelling reason to stay with the mobile wallet ecosystem. Some suggestions could include loyalty, couponing/discounts, real time redemptions that add further value beyond the simple payment solution.
  8. Reports
    Financial institutions produce thousands of reports for their customers. Although the production of these reports is automated, the translation of these into the customer's local language is manual, costly and time consuming. Develop a semi-automated translation solution for Financial Institutions that enables efficient review and workflow validation.
  9. Data Privacy
    Institutions could derive great insights from overlaying data from different types of data sources. Data sharing will drive innovations in Big Data. However data privacy and security discourages firms from sharing and exchanging data. Develop a solution that would mask confidential information, attribute data a common key so that information can be aggregated and exchanged without breaching customer confidential information.

Some broad areas participants may focus on for delivering the solutions to the above

  1. Mobile Applications: With the widespread use of smart phones across the country (including rural areas), mobile applications is one of the best channels to reach out to customers.
  2. Web Applications: A recent study has indicated that while mobile apps are here to stay, certain applications can only be effective when used via the web. As a result, a few popular e-commerce companies are speculating on taking down their mobile apps and remaining a pure web service.
  3. Social Media Applications: Social media is becoming one of the most powerful channels in today's world. Applications such as Whatsapp, FaceBook, SnapChat, etc. have reduced the world into a tiny place. Leveraging these applications to reach out to customers, and enable them in performing transactions (individually or as a group) could be the next big thing.
  4. Big Data Analytics: Personalized services can only be provided to customers when service organizations have sufficient information available and powerful algorithms to make intelligent analyses. Developing products which can perform such tasks instantaneously by analyzing data from a vast number of resources dynamically could raise customer service levels to heights which had never even been imagined before.
  5. Cloud Computing: As the world gets larger, the cost of infrastructure rises exponentially too. This realization has given birth to cloud computing. Apart from this, cloud computing also enables users to access data anywhere, anytime and in a convenient fashion.
  6. Near Field Communications: This is a very popular form of data transfer, especially due to the advent of smart phones. However, security issues persist due to which many organizations refrain from developing this technology for conducting a secure transaction.
  7. Cognitive Computing & Machine Learning: This technology deals with self-learning systems which grow more efficient due to data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing similar to the way humans think and understand.
  8. Integrated Design: This is a very popular field, which has wide applications across a variety of spheres. This area deals with developing products (digital or otherwise) with flawless designs that are not only perceivable by every human being, but are also quick to implement, easy to maintain, and have universal applications.
  9. Do-it-Yourself Enablers: Like ATMs have revolutionized the banking industry, more such kiosks or devices which can help customers perform transactions without the requirement of human intervention are being sought after. Developing machines with an effective design which can help any and every kind of customer across all markets in India perform simple tasks without the need of human intervention could greatly help NBFCs improve their productivity.
  10. Chat Bots: The use of artificial chat agents is widely used today to help customers answer any basic questions they may have. These chat agents are powered with algorithms that use natural language processing and data mining so that they become more efficient with increased usage, and interaction with a chat bot can almost resemble a human.
  11. Optical Character Recognition: OCR Technologies can be effectively used to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. Developing applications that can seamlessly use these technologies to minimize the need for manual data entry and fraud detection will help NBFCs achieve higher efficiency in credit originations.

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Finnovatica 2017

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Who can participate in the programme?

  1. Any student pursuing any course in any of the partnered institutes can participate.
  2. Participants need to register for the programme through the website
  3. Participants need to be Indian citizens, with a minimum age of 18 years

What are the eligibility criteria?

Eligibility criteria vary with each stage of the programme. At each stage, the ideas (as well as the teams) will be evaluated on a variety of factors including innovativeness, applicability in business functions, feasibility, scalability, and commercialization potential. Fullerton India reserves the right to reject/accept any idea at any stage of the programme as per its sole discretion.

Who can I add as team members?

Teams can constitute of any student pursuing any course in any batch of the partnered institutes. Startups incubated within the innovation cells of the partnered institutes may also apply. However, students need to form teams only with fellow students within their own campus.

What is the role of the Team Coordinator?

  1. The Team Coordinator is the first person who registers a team on the website.
  2. He/She can add/delete members from the team by logging into the website
  3. He/She is the primary point of contact between Fullerton India and the team. All official correspondence will flow to the team via the team coordinator
  4. Except for the final cash award, the Team Coordinator's responsibility is to disburse the cash award won at any stage of the programme between individual team members. The final cash award will be disbursed to each team member (and faculty mentor, if present) individually by Fullerton India.

I am from ABC college. Can I form a team with my friend from XYZ college?


I am from ABC college, studying course “P”, Year “N”. Can I form a team with my friends from ABC college, studying course “Q” and “R”, Year “M” and “O”?


How many members constitute a team?

Teams can constitute of members between 1-5.

I am currently in the final year of my course. Can I participate?

Yes. However, if your idea gets selected for further stages of the programme, it is up to you to manage your schedule. While Fullerton India will try its best to accommodate exam/course schedules, it bears no responsibility for the individual schedules of participants outside their curriculum.

How can I add my faculty professor as a mentor for my team?

You may send an email to your faculty mentor, who needs to acknowledge your request. This needs to be forwarded to the official email ID of the programme marking your faculty mentor in CC.

I have a good idea, but I am not sure how it would apply to retail lending. Can I participate?

Yes! Good ideas will always be welcomed here, and if any applicability is foreseen during the evaluation stage, your team will be assigned an appropriate mentor from within the organization to guide you from a business perspective.

Once my idea gets selected at Fullerton India Finnovatica, can I submit it to other similar programmes?

From the moment an idea is submitted to the programme, Fullerton India has complete rights over it, and may choose to accept/reject it at any stage. Until the idea is a part of the programme, the team cannot submit it anywhere else. If the idea gets rejected at any stage of the programme, the team may apply for a “No Objection Certificate” from Fullerton India within 60 days of rejection. Fullerton India may then take the team back into the programme, or issue the NOC within 90 days of getting the request, after which the team is free to submit its idea elsewhere. However, Fullerton India will continue to have ownership over the idea, and may choose to use it at a later stage at its sole discretion, bearing no liability to any party.

Do I have complete ownership over my idea?

From the moment an idea is submitted to the programme, Fullerton India has complete rights over it, and may choose to accept/reject it at any stage. If an idea is patentable, the IPR to the same automatically belongs to Fullerton India. However, the student will be named as the “inventor” in the application for such a patent. If the idea has already been patented, by submitting the same to the programme, the student waives off all rights, and Fullerton India is free to use the idea without any obligations at any stage in the future based on its sole discretion.

If my idea gets rejected at any stage of the programme, can I re-submit it elsewhere?

If the idea gets rejected at any stage of the programme, the team may apply for a “No Objection Certificate” from Fullerton India within 60 days of rejection. Fullerton India may then take the team back into the programme, or issue the NOC within 90 days of getting the request, after which the team is free to submit its idea elsewhere. However, Fullerton India will continue to have ownership over the idea, and may choose to use it at a later stage at its sole discretion, bearing no liability to any party.

If my project makes it past the final stage, and I am not interested in pursuing it further, what happens next?

If a team is not interested in pursuing entrepreneurship, they may do so with no obligation in any tangible or intangible form towards Fullerton India. Likewise, Fullerton India reserves the right to hire any external party for further development of the product in future based on its sole discretion with no obligation in any tangible or intangible form towards the team.

I have an interesting product, and I have already patented it. Can I apply?

Yes. However, Fullerton India reserves the right to use/commercialize the idea as per its sole discretion with no obligation in any tangible or intangible form towards the team owning the patent. Any product developed as a build-over or customization of an existing product will be the sole property of Fullerton India, and the team will not have any commercial rights over the same unless authorized by Fullerton India.

What is the format in which the idea needs to be submitted?

The format may be downloaded from the “Upload” section on the left hand menu after you login. You may also download the same from here . File specifications: .doc or .docx or .pdf files ONLY, with a maximum size of 200KB.

I have more than 1 idea. Can I submit them all?

Each team can submit up to a maximum of 2 ideas.

How many teams can I be a part of?

A student/participant can be a part of a maximum of 2 teams

I don't want to be the team coordinator anymore. What do I do?

You may login to the website, and on the Student Dashboard, click on “Change Team Coordinator”. You will be required to select an existing team member as a Team Coordinator before your request can be completed.

I don't want to be a part of the team anymore. What do I do?

You can login to the website, and select “Withdraw” option near your name. Alternately, you may ask your team coordinator to select “Delete team member” option near your name on his/her dashboard, post which you will be sent an email containing links for accepting/rejecting the deletion. If you are the team coordinator, you will need to select an existing member as a team coordinator before you can withdraw from the programme.

I have an idea, but I am not sure if I will be able to develop the project if it gets selected. Can I participate?

Yes. However, do keep in mind that if your idea gets selected, you will need to develop the project with the help of your team. A good way would be to add team members /faculty mentors who can help you develop the project. If your team cannot develop the project, you will be disqualified from the programme. Fullerton India will then select an alternate team to work on the project further.

I have an idea, but it has already been implemented by other banks/financial institutions. Can I submit?

No, especially if the product has already been patented/ copyrighted. However, an idea based on an existing product with further enhancements/capabilities/applications, and developed from scratch may be accepted.

I have an idea, and I would like to speak to someone from Fullerton India to understand how it could fit into business needs. What can I do?

You may send an email to the registered email ID or through the “Contact Us” section of the website. Fullerton India will evaluate your request, and assist you further based on feasibility of request.

Do I have to add team members in the Genesis stage itself?

You can add team members at any stage of the programme.

Can I change team members at a later stage of the programme?

Yes. However, the maximum number of team members at any point cannot exceed 5.

My idea has been selected, but I am not sure if my parents/guardians will allow me to come to Mumbai for the Appathon. What do I do?

Fullerton India bears no responsibility towards individual participants. All participants have to secure permission for travelling from their guardians/parents/institutes and provide confirmation.

What is the format of the presentation for Day 3 of the Appathon?

You can download the format from the website by logging in, and navigating to the “Upload Documents” page. Alternately, you may use this link to download. File Specs: .ppt, .pptx or .pdf files only. Maximum File Size = 2 MB

Can I send my Appathon presentation via e-mail?

No. In case of any specific request, Fullerton India may entertain email entries on a case-by-case basis based on its sole discretion.

Can I add graphics/custom animation/videos to my Appathon presentation?

Yes, as long as the overall file size doesn't exceed 2 MB, and the presentation is in the provided format.

Do I have to arrange my own travel and stay for Appathon?

No. Fullerton India will be responsible for arranging the travel (including local travel), stay and food arrangements of all participants.

What is the last date for submission of Appathon presentation?

All important dates will be communicated to the participants with sufficient notice via email as well as the website.

Does everyone in the team need to present?

No. The team may select presenter(s) among themselves.

I may not be able to come to Mumbai for the presentation. Can I do so over video conference?

No. You may instead, ask your team members to represent you. In case of dire consequences, Fullerton India may make exceptions on a case by case basis based on its sole discretion.

How will the cash award won during Appathon round be distributed among team members?

Fullerton India will provide a cheque in favor of the account specified by the Team Coordinator. Distribution of the amount is up to the team coordinator and the members. Please note that the amount will be provided after deduction of taxes as applicable.

If my team clears the Appathon round, by when can we expect the cash award?

The cheques will be couriered to your Institute Coordinator, and you will also be intimated via email along with the details.

I don't know how to make a project plan, and I have cleared the Appathon round. What do I do?

You will be provided with a format and guided on project plan preparation by your mentors in Fullerton India.

What are the components of the project plan?

A project plan mainly consists of the major activities (which are subdivided into smaller activities), timelines for completing each line activity, and milestones indicating phase wise development. It also consists of the resource estimates for development (software/hardware costs, logistics costs, other equipment costs).

What kind of support will be provided by Fullerton India for project development?

Fullerton India will provide teams with

  1. Mentoring support so that teams have an idea of the product they need to develop
  2. Financial support in terms of cost of development
  3. Travel/stay costs in case the team is required to visit the office at any point
  4. What happens if my coursework/exam dates clash with milestones?

You can make your project plan based on the estimates you have regarding your coursework commitments and exams. However, in case of any sudden change of schedule, you can make a request to your mentor for revision of timelines which may be accepted/rejected after evaluation.

What is the duration for project development?

There is no specified duration for project development. Timelines will be decided between the teams and their mentors based on scope, resource constraints, schedules, etc.

Will I have to work at Fullerton India office for the project development?

You may do most of the work from your own location. However, if it is absolutely necessary for you to work from Fullerton India due to any security/logistical issues, care will be taken to accommodate your coursework and schedule. Also, Fullerton India will bear all costs towards travel (local included), stay and food arrangements.

Can I change my faculty mentor for the project at this stage?

Yes. However, you will need to provide a letter of acceptance from the older faculty mentor stating that he is OK with you changing your mentor, and is ready to forgo any claims to award money which may/may not be won depending on the team's qualification in the final round. You will also need to provide a letter of acceptance from the new mentor stating that he/she would be your mentor starting “X” date.

Can I change team members for the project at this stage?

Yes. However, maximum number of team members at any stage of the programme cannot exceed 5.

My project requires software/hardware/other equipment which needs to be purchased. What can I do?

If your project requires any resources apart from those specified in the project plan, you may make a formal request for the same. Fullerton India will evaluate your request and may accept/reject it based on feasibility.

What happens to my idea if it doesn't qualify in the final stage?

Fullerton India still reserves the right to use the product at a later stage in future based on its sole discretion. If you would like to continue pursuing it through other platforms, you may submit a request for an NOC within 60 days of being rejected, post receipt of which the organization will provide you the same within 90 days.

My idea has qualified the Grand Arena stage, and I am interested in starting my own business. What kind of support will I get from Fullerton India?

Fullerton India will guide interested students by

  1. Providing them all the required knowledge and/or putting them in touch with parties with the capability of doing so regarding setting up a new business
  2. Provide the students a purchase order based on which the team may pitch to investors
  3. Guide them towards attaining seed funding for their startup

My idea has qualified the Grand Arena stage, but I am not interested in setting up a business. What happens in this case?

Fullerton India can use the product within its businesses based on its sole discretion independently or via external parties.

Will Fullerton India provide me with seed funding for my business?

Fullerton India will guide teams towards attaining seed funding for their startup, and will also provide the students a purchase order based on which the team may pitch to investors.

At this stage, can I sell my idea to other companies?

No. However, if circumstances demand the option, you may apply for an NOC to Fullerton India, who will evaluate your request and accept/reject the same based on its sole discretion.

My team members are no longer interested in pursuing entrepreneurship, but I want to continue by adding new team members/partners. Is this possible?

Yes. After the final arena stage, all students/teams interested in pursuing entrepreneurship are free to set up their business on the lines of any model (partnership, proprietorship, etc) based on their own discretion. If the initial team gets disbanded and a new one is formed, it is the team's/Team Coordinator's responsibility to intimate Fullerton India of the same.

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* Terms and conditions apply
** Subject to foreclosure charges. Terms and conditions applicable.