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Fullerton India brings to you a range of EMI calculators for almost all products. You can use these calculators to correctly estimate the exact EMI amount you will need to pay, and plan your finances accordingly.

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What is EMI?

You may require a loan for different reasons. Some of these reasons could include starting a business, for a wedding, purchasing a new vehicle, taking a holiday or for any unforeseen emergency.

We take pride in partnering with you during such times. Depending on your requirement, you can avail of a loan from us. You can repay the loan through equated monthly instalments (EMIs).

Equated Monthly Installments is the systematic repayment of the borrowed amount by a borrower to the lender. This repayment occurs at a specific date over a fixed period which is agreed upon by both borrower and lender. The concept of EMIs is also applied in multiple forms of loans such as home loans, automobile loans, education loans, etc. The major advantage of EMI is that the borrower is aware of the exact amount to be paid each month and the exact duration of the installment period.

How Do EMI Calculators Work?

Three important factors majorly affect the final EMI amount that a borrower pays to the lender. These factors include interest rate (R), loan tenure (n) and principal amount (P).

These factors when put together, give out a very basic formula that can be used to calculate the EMI. The formula used is



Why should I use an EMI Calculator

Fullerton India’s online EMI calculators show you the exact amount you need to repay every month. Our EMI calculator is a free, easy-access tool that will show you the monthly amount just by taking inputs of your loan amount, tenure and interest rate. Thus, for a given loan amount and interest rate, you can understand how your EMI will change depending on the tenure you select. This will help you plan your finances better.

How Do I Use A EMI Calculator

EMI Calculators are simplified for your needs. These take a minimal amount of data from the borrower to give you the exact amount of EMI that needs to be paid.

The EMI Calculator will provide sliders to choose the loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure. By moving the sliders you can choose the appropriate values. You can even enter the relevant values in the text boxes. The EMI would be immediately displayed.

For example, if you are planning to take a loan worth Rs 3 lakhs at an interest rate of 12% for a period of 3 years, then you can:

  • Move the ‘loan amount’ slider to Rs 3 lakhs, drag the rate of interest slider to 12% and pull the loan tenure slider to 36 months
  • Alternatively, you can enter the required values in the text boxes.

If the calculated EMI amount is more than what you can manage to pay or less than what you had expected, you can accordingly increase or reduce the tenure to get the optimal EMI value.

Types of EMI Calculators

Moreover, there are specific EMI calculators available at Fullerton India such as:

  • Personal Loan EMI Calculator:

    This form of a loan includes cases that require money for education, weddings, travel, medical or any personal debt scenarios.

  • Business Loan EMI Calculator:

    This includes business loans for working capital, business expansion, SME & MSME, machinery, etc.

  • Loan Against Property EMI Calculator:

    This is a secured loan that can be availed by pledging commercial or residential property as collateral.

  • Two Wheeler Loan EMI Calculator:

    Vehicles have become a necessity, and this has also led to a rise in the two-wheeler loans. We offer affordable loan schemes with zero downpayment facility that allow you to get a bike on EMI of your own.

Floating Rate EMI Calculators :

Another form of EMI is the Floating Rate Loans wherein the interest rate on the loan keeps changing depending on the market. The major advantage of this form of EMI is that it is relatively cheaper compared to the other EMI options. Fullerton’s EMI Calculator keeps your amount updated by considering the change in the interest rates.

Flat Rate EMI Calculators :

Flat rate loans are majorly used to simplify the calculation part of the loans. In this form of EMIs, the flat rate interest is considered for the total principal amount for each pay period. This form of EMI makes the borrowing and lending process simpler for both parties.

Benefits of Fullerton India's loan EMI Calculator

  • It's smart, simple and free! You can use the calculator as many times as required at no cost. Moreover, you can access the EMI calculator online anytime, from any device.
  • It's real! Manual calculations create room for human error. The resulting amount could be misleading and confusing with real-world financial planning implications. With the online calculator, you can use multiple variations and get realistic results each time.
  • It's all inclusive*: When you enter loan tenure, interest rate, and total loan amount into the calculator, you get realistic results for overall costs associated with the loan you are seeking. It even includes processing fees and related taxes to give you a quick and easy understanding of how to plan your application.

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