Our CSR Mission

We actively enlighten rural households with the opportunities that can be availed through alternate vocations and how these initiatives could prove as an additional source of income.

  • Promoting Existing Livelihoods Through Training
  • Introducing New & Alternative Vocations
  • Reviving & Promoting Dying Rural Arts & Crafts
  • Developing Market Linkages To Enable Rural Households

Fullerton India's Livelihood Advancement Initiative

  • Creating awareness among existing livelihoods through training, increase of knowledge and financial inputs to help them enhance their incomes and standard of living.
  • Introducing innovative and alternate vocations that can be easily used and adapted by rural households to improve their income by using existing resources and manpower.
  • Restoring rural arts that are fading away and promoting them as a primary source of income which will indirectly reduce migration out of rural areas.
  • Developing Effective Market Liaisons to help rural households market and sell their products directly to the relevant target audience, approach them and demand better prices, margins etc. and create a regular niche market for their produce.

Our Unique Partnership Model

The Livelihood Advancement Initiative at Fullerton is enabled through a Unique Partnership Program coupled with active participation and involvement of its employees. Programs and events are completely run, coordinated and managed by the Fullerton India Gramshakti staff.

Fullerton India focuses on conjuring all of its programs with like-minded organizations across various categories like the Government, NGOs, Socio-Economic development organizations, manufacturing and trading organizations, thus promoting the concept of working together to action the initiative.