Creating sustainable Livelihood

CSR - Livelihood Projects

Fullerton India is engaged in various CSR activities in rural and urban areas.It is empowering underprivileged people by providing vocational training programs and subsidy loans.

Alternative Livelihood Programs

Fullerton India actively works with NGOs and other organizations engaged in vocational training to facilitate training programs for men and women spread across multiple villages in the rural bracket. This creates awareness among rural households that there are opportunities outside of their existing livelihoods that can help them achieve additional income and raise their standard of living. This also helps reduce their dependency level and gives them a new outlook towards payment, borrowing and other financial aspects of the business.

Examples of Training in New Vocation

  • Training in sewing/ embroidery using machines to cater to the garment industry
  • Training in creating utility items with waste cloth like: door mats, coir ropes, bags and quilts
  • Training in productivity improvement techniques for the small Power loom trade
  • Inputs for handloom weavers for adapting of new techniques, designs and materials

Existing Livelihood Programs

Dairy farming constitutes a large and considerable livelihood for most households in rural India. It usually includes rearing of milch cattle like cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep. To make this better and extend a helping hand to this large community, Fullerton India Gramshakti along with several cattle feed manufacturers, government and non-government veterinary health organizations and their doctors, milk processors organize Cattle Care camps to share knowledge and inputs on cattle rearing, dairy farming, cattle care and upkeep, artificial insemination, milk marketing and more. This encourages households involved in dairy farming to adopt and cope with modern and innovative methods of cattle care that would lead to producing more milk comprising of higher fat content, increase the lactation period of the animal as well as ensure it is in the best of health through the lactation period.

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