Our CSR Mission

Fullerton India CSR Projects


Jeevika- Women Empowerment Initiatives

Through our rural operations, Fullerton India works with more than 18 lakh women, providing micro credit for income generating activities and hence enhancing their livelihoods. Jeevika CSR initiative was launched with the primary objective of enhancing the capacity and skill development of rural women and enabling them to adopt business acumen, leading to increased income, social status and thus women empowerment. Further, Jeevika enhances income generation opportunities and creates alternative sources of livelihood for passionate leaders in the local community through market linkages across the value chains. Some of our key Initiatives under Jeevika include:


Vocational training programs:

Fullerton India has partnered with various NGOs for providing technical and entrepreneurship training in different vocations like apparel (tailoring) and beauty hair care to create income generation opportunities at community level. It’s a three months extensive training programme for women with certification. The trained women also get assured market linkages or set-up micro-enterprises for their products to ensure sustained livelihood.


  • No. of women benefitted in FY 20: 2,400+

Skill development in indigenous crafts:

Fullerton India has partnered with various agencies to promote rural craft business and provide livelihood opportunities to women entrepreneurs. These programmes provide hands-on training on various indigenous crafts based on market demand such as Kantha work, Madhubani Painting etc. to support women in accessing alternative livelihoods and skill development in traditional crafts. Post training we ensured that women in local communities to reach their full potential through assured market linkages.


  • No. of women benefitted in FY 20: 100+
Yuva Kaushal

Yuva Kaushal - Skill development for Youth

Fullerton India is committed to bridge this skill gap and has initiated an exclusive project ‘Yuva Kaushal-Skill Development for Youth’. The Yuva Kaushal project is conceptualized with an aim to train and equip the youth with basic skills for entry level jobs in the banking and finance sector. The 180 hour residential programme not only trains on technical skills but also works on the soft skills of the candidates making them job ready for finance industry. 



Pashu Vikas

Dairy farming is an important rural livelihood and improved cattle productivity could lead to significant rise in the income of the cattle-owning households. Cattles also are an important part of our Indian rural economy, but ‘Cattle Care’ as a subject was probably not discussed quite as much and are often neglected due to lack of awareness. Fullerton India-committed to the betterment of rural India- as part of its’ rural Livelihood enhancement program had initiated,


‘Pashu Vikas Day’ –India’s largest cattle care event


Year No of branches
No of Household
No of cattle
2014 115 10,000 22,000  
2015 192 18,000 40,400 Fullerton India Pashu Vikas Day was
part of Limca Book of Records
2018 247 15,000 39,400 Fullerton India Pashu Vikas Day was
part of Best of India Records
2019 355 21,100+ 71,500+ Fullerton India Pashu Vikas Day was
part of World Books of Records

Pashu Vikas - Integrated Livestock Development centre

In FY 2015-16, Fullerton India along with JK trust had launched 20 Integrated Livestock Development (ILD) centres for cattle breed improvement in selected locations in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. ILD centres provide holistic and doorstep cattle care services like artificial insemination, castration, fodder management, first aid and extension of nutritional requirement for the cattle in the project area. Each ILD centre is established & operated by a local educated youth called as ‘Gopal’ - a para vet trained extensively by the JK trust team for over six months, thereby generating an employment also.


  • No. of ILD center operational: 20
  • No of household benefitted in FY 20: 13,100+
  • Over 14,600 artificial insemination done in FY 20
  • Over 3,400 improved breed of calves born in FY 20