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Fullerton India CSR mission is to build sustainable livelihoods for people. It aims to uplift the underprivileged people by providing them vocational training and subsidized loans to start their own small scale business.

CSR - Livelihood Projects

Alternative Livelihood Programs

Fullerton India actively works with NGOs and other organizations engaged in vocational training to facilitate training programs for men and women spread across multiple villages in the rural bracket.

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Our CSR Mission

At Fullerton, we strongly advocate and reiterate our CSR mission and believe that alternate vocations build sustainable livelihoods. We actively enlighten the rural households about the opportunities availed through alternate vocations and how it could prove as an additional income. Our mission is to also constantly assist rural Indians in working towards improving their standard of living and quality of life.

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Our Policy

Fullerton India is committed to grow in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. With financial inclusion as our guiding business vision, Fullerton India aims to reach out to the under-banked and unbanked by not just providing them with financial services but also by enabling the communities with services and skills that would help improve their standard and quality of living.

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Other Initiatives

Save the Eye

As the name suggests, we believe in focusing on better and specialized eye care for the deprived and impoverished. Our Save the Eye Program is an initiative to provide quality eye care to people who do not have access to medical facilities. Our colleagues at Gramshakti actively help us to go the extra mile and organize eye camps with the help of partner hospitals.

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Lives we touch

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Mrs Abebha,(Housewife, 48 years, Karamdai)

Abebha is a priced customer of Fullerton India. While she extensively helped her husband in their Diary Farming Business, she never let her thoughts of exploring other options of increasing family income fade away. Attending the CSR Alternate Livelihood training program arranged by Fullerton India proved to be a turning point in her life and she quickly picked the art of making bags using colorful wires. That was not the end of it. Abebha pursued this talent and decided to take it up as a full time profession and made bags of different colors and sizes. She easily earns about 100 per day and cannot thank Fullerton India enough for helping her supporting her family better.

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If you would like to partner with us in our Livelihood Programs or in any new project, we would be keen to hear from you. Kindly contact:

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  • Amol Bhalerao

    VP – Corporate Social Responsibility

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