Our CSR Mission


Fullerton India CSR Projects


Niramaya’ Primary Health care is one of the key focus areas under Fullerton India CSR which helps improve the social well-being of the community through health awareness and also by implementing health programmes that enable the adoption of best health care practices.


Mobile Health Vans

Under Niramaya FICCL has partnered with various NGOs to provide primary health care services through Mobile Health Vans (MHV) at community door-step. The main aim of MHV is to address the problems of inaccessibility and inability to afford quality health care by the weaker segment of the society. Our MHV provide qualified medical expertise and primary health check-ups, medicines, child nutritional supplements, and diagnostic investigation. Wherever required, the patients are also being referred to pathological laboratories for detailed investigation / secondary / tertiary health care service providers for specialist treatment / care.


Decentralized Drinking Water Project-

FICCL had partnered with Enable Health Society and Piramal Sarvajal to install customised decentralised drinking water solutions at government schools. The primary objective of this programme is to improve the health outcomes for children and impact attendance rates. The RO-UV machines are installed in schools through the active participation and involvement of authorities. The machines are customised to factor in local issues such as raw water contaminants and intermittent availability of electricity.

These partnerships enable us to reach thousands of school children and trigger the development of improved drinking water and hygiene norms in households.



Jyoti Save the Eye

Eye diseases are one of the prime reasons for many rural household to be unemployed or unskilled and depriving them of their daily livelihood. Proper eye care check-up facility is not available in rural India and people have to travel a long way to nearby towns that offer the facilities. Fullerton India Jyoti-Save the Eye CSR initiative not only provides access to quality eye care at community’s doorstep, but also enhances awareness and addresses the incidences of ‘avoidable blindness’.


Fullerton India has partnered with various foundations/ NGOs to established Vision Care Centers (VCC), which is a static setup for screening of patients for addressing the preliminary eye related issues and to provide comprehensive primary eye care services to the patients in urban & rural areas. Most of our VCCs are equipped with tele-ophthalmology facilities which provide consultations with ophthalmologist based at the nearby base hospital. Each VCC also conduct specialty screening camps every week in adjoining villages wherein patients with cataract and other serious eye ailments are taken to base hospital for further treatment