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There is a growing need to adopt environment friendly practices in everyday lives. In line with this global priority, Fullerton India launched Krishi Mitra- a unique organic farming awareness program to ensure the adoption of sustainable environmental practices at grassroots level.

Krishi Mitra

Initiated in 2013, Fullerton India’s Krishi Mitra Organic Farming project educates the community about Organic Farming, its benefits and the process of organic certification for better return from their agriculture produce. The project is launched across 8 Fullerton India branches of Maharashtra and 2 of Tamil Nadu. It has been further scaled up to cover areas of Karnataka.

The identified candidates are trained in detail on organic farming concepts and practical demonstrations through a 7-day residential program. Post training they are certified as Krishi Mitra and are associated with the local NGOs. Krishi Mitras propagate the various methods of organic farming, practical demonstration and handholding support for preparation of low cost compost, group formation of like-minded farmers for organic certification and awareness creation through focused group discussions. At present Fullerton India has 50+ Krishi Mitra’s trained outreach workers.



  • Programme operational in 3 states
  • No. of training programmes organized by Krishi Mitras in FY 20-: 2,700+
  • No. of farmers benefitted in FY 20-: 25,000+