Our CSR Mission

Fullerton India CSR Projects


At Fullerton India, we promote every Indian’s right to education. Towards this objective, we have numerous projects, which help create an impact in the lives of underprivileged children and women. Along with partners, Fullerton India has setup Mini Science centers and E-learning centers in schools for enhanced learning. Some our flagship programmes under Education are

Sakhi – A “Digital” Financial Literacy Program

Targeted at rural women, this programme creates basic financial awareness, such as access to financial services, types of financial products, and so on. It blends the power of digital technology along with the human touch in order to create maximum impact in terms of reach. A master trainer or “Sakhi” is identified from the community and trained by Fullerton India, who then disseminates knowledge on financial literacy through digital means like tablets and animated stories to her peers in the village.



  • No. of Sakhi’s master trainers trained in FY 20-: 80+
  • No. of rural women trained by Sakhi’s in FY 20-: 12,500+
  • No. of area covered: more than 50 villages in 4 states
Fullerton India Scholarship Programme

Fullerton India Scholarship Programme is a CSR initiative to financially support school students who face financial barriers in pursuing their education. The scholarship programme aims at helping underprivileged students of Class 9-12 from Guwahati, Jorhat and Dibrugarh in the state of Assam.


  • No of scholars benefitted through direct assistance in FY 20: 75
  • Total scholarship amount assistance: 7.5 Lakh
Student2Scholar Programme

Access to quality education is fundamental for development and growth. In developing economies like India, there are numerous challenges that make access to quality education difficult. Most prominent are the lack of affordable financing, career guidance and inefficient or inadequate knowledge of available educational aids for students, that raises the cost of education, especially for the bottom-of-pyramid segment. To bridge this gap Fullerton India has partnered with Buddy4study and Shikhsdaan to empowering student with scholarship opportunities.


By providing scholarship awareness, timely notification and application support for students, FICCL is creating a better participation and conversion ratio of students receiving scholarships through technology advancement.


  • No. of students benefited through Scholarship in FY 20-: 900+
  • Amount for scholarship assistance through various organizations-: 1.34 Cr+