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Our business loan EMI calculator helps you plan your monthly budget and expenditure, as it gives you a realistic picture of your monthly obligations. This is a powerful tool that helps you make sound decisions regarding your business loan amount and tenure.To calculate your business loan eligibility, you can use a business loan eligibility calculator.

For accurate results, enter an estimate of your annual income and monthly business obligations such as payments for any existing or on-going loans, credit card payments, and more. Personal expenses such as rent, household items etc. need not be considered here.

We offer flexible repayment tenures for business loans - use the calculator to understand how your EMI payments will vary depending on the term you choose.

After arriving at the EMI amount, you can add it to your existing monthly obligations and deduct the sum from your estimated monthly income so you have a clear idea of your expenses. If you have any queries, you can always get in touch with our team via phone, chat or email.

How to use Business Loan EMI Calculator

Our business loan EMI calculator is super easy to use. All you need to do is enter the tenure, rate of interest, and total loan amount. With these three quick steps, you can determine the EMI amount in seconds. Here is a step-by-step guide for using the calculator:

  • Use the slider to select the total loan amount.
  • Select the tenure for the loan.
  • Enter the interest rate that is comfortable for your current business profile.
  • After you hit the submit button, your EMI amount is generated.

As your trusted lending partner, we are always looking to improve what we offer as services and solutions. The Fullerton India business loan EMI calculator is simple but is extremely helpful in making the best of every business opportunity with the right financial estimates and plan each time.

How is Business Loan EMI Calculated?

The business loan EMI is calculated based on your loan amount, the interest rate quoted at the time of disbursal and the total tenure of the loan.

By using an online business loan EMI calculator, you can arrive at a realistic figure of your total monthly obligation, which can help you to decide on the loan tenure and the loan amount beforehand. The following is the business loan EMI calculation formula:

EMI for Various Loan Tenures

Payment Tenure

2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

5 Years


INR 2,47,211

INR 1,78,264

INR 1,44,275

INR 1,24,263

Disclaimer: These are approximate EMI calculations, actual numbers may vary. 

You can also calculate the EMI of a business loan using the below formula.

EMI = PxRx(1+R)n/(1+R)n-1

Where, P = Loan Amount

R = interest rate

n = repayment period

The business loan EMI calculator is a very useful tool for financial planning. By exploring different scenarios, it helps to plan your finances and make better financial decisions.

How is Interest Calculated on a Business Loan?

The interest rate is the amount of charge that the lender charges for the amount lent and is expressed in percentage of the principal. Let’s have a look, how is business loan interest calculated.

Normally, two types of interest rates are quoted to the borrower, the nominal interest rate and the APR.

The nominal interest rate is the annual rate of interest charged by the lender, whereas, APR is the annual total cost of the loan that includes interest cost, processing fee, administrative fee and other costs.

And, the effective interest rate reflects the true cost of the loan considering compounding. The formula for the effective interest rate is (1+r^n)-1, where r is the periodic rate of interest.

What are the Factors that affect Business Loan EMI?

The calculation of business loan EMI amount is affected by the following factors:

Loan Amount: It is the primary factor and the base for calculating the monthly loan instalment amount. With an increase in the loan amount, the EMI amount also tends to increase proportionally.

Rate of Interest: It is a very important component and is determined based on your income, credit score, the financial statement of the business, and repayment capability.

Loan Tenure: The loan tenure has the maximum impact on the EMI amount and it is the time taken to repay the entire loan amount including interest. An increase in tenure will result in low EMI amount, but will also increase the interest component.

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