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Fullerton India brings to you a range of exciting, easy to use mobile apps to access a wide range of our products and services at anytime, from anywhere. These apps help you check your eligibility, apply for a loan, access loan details, and are compatible with iOS (Apple) as well as Android phones.

Our specially designed loan apps are built to provide you with unparalleled services at your fingertips. We understand that during times of dire emergency, completing documentation formalities may seem tedious. We also appreciate that time is precious, and value your relationship with us.Thus, in order to keep up our ongoing commitment towards providing you with all the support you need towards achieving your dreams, Fullerton India presents you end-to-end digital financing solutions at the convenience of your mobile device. Now,you can instantly avail a loan by making an online loan application through our Instaloan app, track the progress of your loan status, upload the documents required, fill details for the loan application, and more. Through our m-Connect app, you can easily access your loan statements and request any service from the convenience of your home.

Fullerton India is committed to providing easy financing solutions in order to ensure that you are closer to achieving your dreams, in the most convenient manner. However, at any step, if you would like to have any specific queries answered, you can call us on our customer care number, and our representative will be more than pleased to help you.

Presenting Fullerton India mobile apps to access a wide range of Personal & Business Loans anytime anywhere. These apps help you check eligibility, application, and access other details. These apps are compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android phones.

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Fullerton India Saathi App Fullerton India Instaloan App - Download on Apple App Store
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Fullerton India Instaloan

The Instaloan app from Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd. enables salaried borrowers to apply instantly for a personal loan upto a maximum loan amount of INR 25 lakhs* at reasonable interest rates starting from 11.99%, and flexible tenures between 12 to 60 months.

Please note that this online loan app is only available to salaried applicants as of now. Your loan amount eligibility will depend upon many factors such as monthly income, your credit score, existing monthly obligations including EMI’s on pre-existing loans, credit cards, etc. Your disposable income after meeting all financial obligations must be at least 30% to 40% of your net monthly income.

Fullerton India Instaloan app enables you to apply for personal loans to serve your diverse needs with interest rates ranging from 11.99% up to a maximum limit of 36%. We provide you the most competitive and affordable rates as per your individual profile so we help you go closer to the dreams you so deeply cherish.

Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork, long queues, and lengthy processes.Through the Instaloan app, documentation is minimal, hassle-free and online.  To a personal loan, apply online at the comfort of your home by duly filling the application on the personal loan app without the lengthy and prolonged paperwork. You can upload your personal documents through the app as indicated and once your loan is approved, we will assign a representative to collect physical copies from you at a convenient time at your doorstep.  

After your application has passed all steps of verification, and the loan agreement is signed and approved, the amount will be disbursed to your account within 24 hours.

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Fullerton India Instaloan App - Download on Apple App Store Fullerton India mConnect App - Download on Apple App Store
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Fullerton India mConnect

Fullerton India mConnect is a user friendly, convenient and secure mobile application which brings customer service to all Fullerton India customers at the fingertips.

Here are some of the features of the Fullerton India mConnect app:

  1. Find your nearest Fullerton India branch.
  2. Never miss a payment - pay your Fullerton India monthly EMIs online within a few clicks. You can also track your Fullerton India Loan status and be informed of the stage of processing that your application is currently in anytime, anywhere.
  3. Access all your uploaded documents and update documents as required.
  4. Update your email address or mobile number 
  5. Request a top-up loan