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IHO services

IHO services

Adding value to our customers is one of the key objectives of Fullerton India. It is this belief that has enabled us to bring in a host of Value Added Services that we believe will allow our customers to gain extra benefits as privileged customers of Fullerton India.


IHO (Indian Health Organisation) is a part of Aetna Inc., a leading Fortune 500 diversified healthcare benefits company serving more than 35 million customers across the world. Its primary cause is to make high quality healthcare more affordable and promote preventive healthcare in India. Over the past two years, IHO and its group company PLAT5 have serviced a million customers in India. Their network of medical providers is operational in pan india with over 13,500 network of medical practitioners.

Fullerton India and IHO have formed a partnership to provide Value Added Services to our esteemed customers in the form of a health discount card, thereby enabling them to avail of a range of medical services at subsidised prices across a network of empanelled medical practitioners. The Fullerton – IHO Health card could potentially help save an estimated 40% per annum on medical expenses.

Area of Benefit

Consultation Fees

Treatment / Other Charges

Dental Benefits

Free Consultations

50% Discount on Basic Dental services* + 25-30% discount on Dental Treatments

Medical Benefits

Two Consultations Free per year OR 50% Discount on all Consultations

20-25% Discount on all Medical Treatments*

Radiology Benefits

Not Applicable

25-30% Discount on Radiology Tests

Pathology Benefits

Not Applicable

20-25% Discount on Pathology Tests

The Fullerton - IHO membership allows you a membership upto 2 years at a one-time nominal cost upto ` 2,199#. What's more, the Membership fee can be added as an increment to the loan amount (Applicable on loan amounts of ` 75,000 or more) and will be deducted in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) over the period of the loan.

# Price is exclusive of Service Tax

The Fullerton – IHO Card advantage

  1. The IHO card is expected to cut down the average spends on medical services by 40% and thus give you more economical access to quality medical services.
  2. In you are unfamiliar with medical services available in your area, you will get ready information / appointment with doctors, dentists or pathology labs in your area through toll free customer care numbers.

* The empanelled list of medical practitioners will be shared in the Fullerton India-IHO agreement.