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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
Be the Company of choice in financial services for our customers, employees, communities and stakeholders, recognised for innovation and high ethical standards.
Our Mission

  • We are a responsible financial services partner
  • We drive financial inclusion
  • We foster innovation in everything we do
  • We deliver products and solutions for customer delight
  • We believe in our people and partner in their success
  • We provide long term and sustainable shareholder value balancing risk and reward
  • We are committed to enriching the communities we serve


Our Values

  • INTEGRITY : Being transparent, fair and guided by a strong, clear sense of ethics at all times.
  • COLLABORATION : Collaboration is understanding the power of alliances and communication in an interdependent world and seeking new opportunities and partnerships to grow with.
  • INNOVATION : Thinking of newer ideas and better ways of working.
  • DIVERSITY : Appreciating and celebrating the potential and power of differences and welcoming multiple perspectives, views, ideas and cultures.
  • EXCELLENCE : Following the highest quality standards and being committed to delivering the best to all stakeholders.
  • AGILITY : Agility is about being quick to respond to new ideas and situations, understanding change and rising to its challenges by remaining open and positive.